I am a huge advocate for never speaking to your abusive family again. and never let anyone convince you that you’re going to regret not reconciling before they die. that is entirely up to them.

wow this turned out more popular than i expected

give me strength, crowd. it’s father’s day. omgg

@bri_seven Strongly agree! Broke contact with my mother 11 years ago (high intelligence + elements of NPD is a toxic combination). Over and over I've had confirmations that it was the right choice. She passed just before 2022, and my main reaction was quiet relief that she was no longer hurting herself or others. Unsolicited advice for anyone dealing with toxic/abusive relatives: set your boundaries, hold firm to them, and if someone won't respect said boundaries, do your best to disengage. You are NOT a punching bag, you are a person, and NO ONE has the right to demand that you take abuse. Breaking away is rarely easy or simple, and it won't magically fix everything, but it DOES make things better in the long run.

@DelphineUnseen i just wan my daddy to love me for who i am and not the … uhm genuis level demigod that god instructed him to create in a near death experience as part of a larger and more important initiative for fortifying the white race and breeding with a “grail woman”

@DelphineUnseen just one conversation where that isn’t just the major overarching narrative would be nice

@bri_seven Y'know, I don't believe my dad ever put his philosophy into such clear language as what you describe, but I think he sort of instinctively arrived at pretty much the same place.

@DelphineUnseen hippy parents everywhere wanting their own transhuman jesus and getting what they asked for and not liking it

@bri_seven my parents merely appropriated the appearance and lifestyle of the hippies without ever embracing any of the ethos. Which is why my dad has suppressed all knowledge of his hippie phase among the younger family members.

@DelphineUnseen i am not an expert or anything but i have the parents i have and the things i read and the core of the hippy ethos is weird eugenics shit and is alive and well in folks like elon musk . like the hippy movement was literally started by actual eugenics people who after 1945 just learned to couch it in the language of transhumanism

@bri_seven I think the extent of my parents' awareness of what being a hippie meant was the general belief in peace and love, the superficial level of it that drew in so many people. But then they had mortgage payments and became arch-conservatives.

@DelphineUnseen what happened is the eugenicists were professors at berkely and the university of san francisco- inspired by the works of marshal macluhan, their students staged “sit ins”, brain storming sessions focused on finding “new ways” of structuring society unbound from the shackles of tradition.

these students then performed a number of social experiments based on this work. things like men growing their hair out to challenge gender norms; colorful clothes. feeding people for free.

@DelphineUnseen experiments in post scarcity economies. “free stores”, etc. it was truly an academic exercise in transhumanism. some of these demos ended up creating clashes with police, and then getting televised.

the media attempted to create a beat up narrative to demonise these student psych experiments as upending the social order as political radicals, and accidentally made them sound cool, which ended up attracting a shiiitload of orphans and runaways to san francisco

@DelphineUnseen these newcomers then brought the “experimenting” to a whole new clownish level, adding in nudity, rampant drug use, massive std endemic, completely overwhelming every city infrastructure and legit creating a bunch of problems.

meanwhile the original students slinked away and tried to distance themselves from that madness, rebranded to “mary pranksters” who went across the country in s bus and gave lsd to people without their knowledge

@bri_seven @DelphineUnseen idk, I think the hippy movement was a bit more organic than that - this sounds like a right-wing revisionist perspective that’s meant to imply “cultural Marxism”. Though there is a link between what the hippies turned into and the older back-to-nature stuff that ended up in fascism

@ghost_bird @DelphineUnseen is marshal macluhan a right wing revisionist? is my dad, telling this story in first person with himself as the hero?

@bri_seven @DelphineUnseen Just a vibe thing, is all. “Starts in 1945 with eugenicists in the universities” is a combination that makes my antennae go up

@DelphineUnseen my dad… was one of the students. anthropologist. he liked to do psych experiments on people without their consent. think rick from rick and morty. or walter from fringe.

@bri_seven my parents were not aware of any of this during their hippie phase, they just wanted to both have long hair and wear hippie inspired clothes and smoke pot and drink beer and not be part of the working world. But then oops they had a kid (me) and suddenly they went straight edge and hyper-conformist.

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