the best thing about warp drives is that they keep FTL kinetic weapons out of your canon

@bootie_fringe warp speed is a lie

your ship's velocity isn't increased beyond the speed of light, but rather the space around your ship is warped so that there is less space to traverse

basically can overtake light not by traveling with a greater velocity over the same distance, but rather by having a smaller distance to traverse (albeit with less velocity than the light)

@bootie_fringe that said im not sure how warp collisions actually work in the nitty gritty but afaik it's impossible to enter a warp bubble by existing in front of a moving one because the space before is being messed with by the warp engine

@riley could voyager spaghettify the cylons by going to warp speed next to their basestar though

@bootie_fringe i don't think there is a canon example of a warp field directly affecting objects in close proximity like that

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