I am NEVER going to install an EXPERIMENTAL patch for the so-called LOG4SHELL vulnerability

the LONG-TERM EFFECTS of fixing the bug are NOT KNOWN to anyone

I know computers that fight off a malware infection do develop a NATURAL IMMUNITY to exploits

software vendors FORCING users to PATCH violates their civil rights

@bootie_fringe This would be more accurate if the source code of the patch was not openly accessible, it was developed by a huge Silicon Valley corporation with a profit motive and mandated by a central authority without the user freedom of installing or not installing it; and large userbases are already banning the patch from being used because it caused their GPU to die after a few months in rare cases.

@lian you forgot neo nazis forcibly typing in exploit code on devices of ppl sitting beside them on the bus & when confronted saying that they have a doctor's note so that is their right to do

@bootie_fringe I think that's called a backdoor. :P

But yeah, I agree. I am not anti-vaxx anyway, I am also vaccinated, I just am against patents and the shit that's going on around Pfizer and heart damage, Astrazeneca and diseases, and so on. There are profit motives there and that is always a danger.
I wish I could have gotten the Cuban or Chinese one but alas; profit over health I suppose.


@lian well the joke was making fun of anti-sheeple anyway – the kind of ppl who behave like sheeple, only that they always do the opposite of what authorities or experts tell them to do

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