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my politics 

im a leftist, this is my thought on the debate between different types:

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And you dont seem to understand
a shame you seemed an honest man
and all the things you hold so dear
will turn to whispers in your ear

watching better call saul lately, cant decide whether to sympathize with saul or not

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katniss everdeen is a character who is supposed to have no agency in society, and her only way of reclaiming agency is through crime and acts of direct defiance against the state. when this inspires revolt in others, her image is coopted by a military dictator who wants to use her as a propaganda tool and effectively rob her of her agency once more. her character arc is resolved when she assassinates the head of state in a final act of terrorism.

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rolltime's Eclectic Youtube Channel List (!) 

This is a list of some of the best content creators on yt. I've compiled it from my subscribed list and can speak to the quality of every single channel here. I'm including the following categories:

- Music
- Engineering (mostly hardware)
- Math/Computing (mostly software)
- Science/Chemistry
- Politics/Philosophy
- Cooking
- Other

All channels are below 1.5m subs (with few exceptions denoted by a #). More explanation below.

i hate how every time i see meta i think its about the evil tech company

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amateur improv: "okay but here's my idea"
basic improv: "yes and"
advanced improv: "yes and" doesn't (necessarily) mean avoiding conflict -- it means accepting the circumstances of the scene and building on them
elite improv: "okay but here's my idea", but with the implicit understanding that you're continuing the argument in a way that will enhance the first idea while possibly incorporating the second, new idea if it works

my politics 

by which i mean, i think in a world thats as fundamentally opposed to communism, socialism, and anarchism as this one, leftists have more in common than they do different.

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my politics 

im a leftist, this is my thought on the debate between different types:

Difference between pigeon and dove:
Doves are mid
Pigeons are rad

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I'm not a fatalist. Of course, I have my feelings about today, but hopelessness is not one of them. White people have been trying to take us out for a while, and they have failed and instigated their demise in the process.

We do not live in the 50s and 60s, even though old white men and their tokens are trying to legislate like it is. Reactive policy based on hate inherently acknowledges they are
terrified of the direction the world is going and will do everything in their power to stop it.

But the world has changed, and it was and is inevitable. No doubt these hateful fools will fight, but fascism and hate are the best they have, and we see the best they can do.

Keep the pressure up. Keep building community. They don't have any new ideas, so the bulk of their strategy is to attack our hope to make us feel like it's hopeless.

But it's not. Not even close.

"candy says" is one of the few velvet underground songs id recommend to everyone

i love going down the timeline and faving posts and not interacting with people

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I think that computers being able to replicate/deceive us so "easily" only speaks to how shitty we are at telling lies apart from reality, not about how much "AI" has advanced

i need more weird early 2000s style webcomics except in the modern day. is this what the indie comix scene is like?

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