we think there was some kind of fight at the railway station, maybe involving drink cos a polis came round the corner holding a half bottle of something

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finishing up for the day when i was distracted by shouting outside, got to the window to see two wee bams being put in the back of polis vans

more wfh benefits eh

ultimately it comes down to taking a smarter approach to work, measuring productivity in actual output rather than hours and minutes spent sitting at a desk

the former gets shit done, the latter creates the illusion of shit getting done to please gormless executives

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I can go just as fast in the office but then I'm stuck there bored and unmotivated having to look busy for the rest of the working day

at home I can spend that time doing useful non-work things like tidying or doing personal admin stuff, saving time and making me more productive

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the magic of wfh, which many folk don't seem to understand, is that your workload takes the length of time it takes to complete, to complete

I can blitz through everything I need to get done in an hour or two & then I can watch youtube and just keep an eye out for messages

GPU drivers are up to date, Photoshop does this at least once a week for no reason at all

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I hope that
1. lizzie monarch's private diaries are published after her death
2. they're called the Regina Monologues

at home I have better equipment, a better workstation, I can talk to people when I need to and otherwise I’m alone in a quiet space where I can just get shit done

no hoping for buses to be on time, no noisy open plan office, no constant distractions, no stress

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in-office working is a massive waste of time and resources, I resent paying money to be more stressed and less productive

going to have to talk to my manager about more or total remote working, this is Bad

room party at scotiacon where bunnets are mandatory and the only drink allowed is this

cut off on a pedestrian crossing by a big ugly SUV that didn't even slow down for the red

if only drivers were licensed and insured, this would never happen

closing 25 tabs about mid-century prefab/system-built housing in the UK: what do you mean no i don't have a problem i can quit any time i want ok

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