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most immature thing ive done today 

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Queer Eye but trans people come help makeover trans people and inspire them and buy them too many things.

ok ko made a character thats a big astro boy reference (nice) but his personality is nuisance (my feelings are hurt)

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Is like to cancel my gender subscription

im genuinely my own number one fan of my original characters

:brain1: drawing decent backgrounds

:brain2: using vague colorful shapes as a bg

:brain3: no backgrounds

:brain4: drawing on photos for pre-made backgrounds

i dont like the show Big Brother but how tf do the participants not come home with paranoia

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good morning fellow cephalopods team chaos is gonna win ​:blobowo:

im gonna watch videos til i pass out good night everyone :sleep:

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personality: i think megamind is a funny movie and i enjoy mario marker streams while having zero desire to play it myself

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