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i love my friend, and they worked very hard on this edit they made, so i will watch it for them. jesus fucking god this show is fucking awful and unsalvageable

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ninjala is gonna have a vocaloid collab next month :O

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don’t put alcohol in food without telling me ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

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Just a reminder, it's BANDCAMP FRIDAY! First friday of the month, bandcamp waives their fees so artists get 100% of the sales of their music!

I feel like. maybe. there is a little discrepancy

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i dont know much about the characters of Friday Night Funkin’, but within the same live stream someone said “Pico is canonically Boyfriend’s Ex” and another person later said “Pico is canonically homophobic”

i’m so tired of black and white boxes for sexuality.

but a lot of gay people have made a joke out of men’s affection after years of straight people forcing the assumption of heteronormativity on every piece of art and history.
“its not gay to suck your friends dick” is the number 1 joke. Actions don’t equal orientation. It’s like denying a person’s lesbianism because they slept with men. It’s straight up rejecting their identity. What makes actions romantic or platonic is the intention behind them. Just let love be queer.

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being aromantic and gay is a constant “i want to see men in love AND i want men to have deep platonic relationships” and i KNOW we can do both.

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Luca (2021) 

It’s good that so many gay people relate to the main characters, and it’s good that so many fans are accepting of this. I myself got queer vibes from the film, as the story revolves around hiding your true self.
I find it somewhat upsetting that other people get this feeling specifically from how Luca and Alberto treat each other. I really wish we could stop associating touching and jealousy is inherently “romantic.” Let friends care for each other. Let love exist platonically.

i believe personal interpretations of art is important, though you should critique why you might interpret things differently from the artist or even other patrons. Having a finite, unchanging point of view often does more harm than good.

unrelated but hey if you get upset from someone saying “i love men” can you do a little internal examination on yourself and ask why that is. why does the idea of someone loving men and men being loved bother you.

whatever, my point is don’t talk down to people

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they pretend like they want to have conversations and discussions, when really they’re waiting for the moment you use a word wrong or get a deep lore fact about their favorite media wrong so they can prove their nerd dominance to their nerd lackeys

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talking to “intellectuals” is so annoying because they’re addicted to looking like the smartest person in the room

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