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also pictures are important for remembering things so take lots of pictures

ramble abt memory 

ramble abt memory 

its sunny outside for the first time in a while and i’d forgot how pretty sunlight is lol

“i’ll do something with this canned chili eventually.”



podcasts help me focus so much that i feel like i cant start anything if im not listening to one lol

when what Actually took all day was convincing myself to do it

having adhd makes it so making lists is both very helpful and extremely unhelpful at the same time.
like “Ah yes now i see what i need to do” and “oh god thats way too much to do i cant do it”
but then like 5 items actually only take 30 minutes totally when i thought they’d take all day.

my unconscious brain in bed: drill head into pillow for more sleeb :)

My Hair After Wash Day:

Day 1: Amazing Gorgeous! Silky smooth, great shine, soft as hell, wonderful curls and volume!

Day 2: Not as shiny or smooth but still good shape.

Day 3: I am a tumbleweed atop a human body

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:blobwizard: The Adventure Zone is Getting an Animate Series! ✨

someone on  reposted a tik tok and captioned it “cant stop thinking about this 😩💦” and its a cosplayer just sitting on a barstool doing some hand motion while electro sax music plays

in a lot of future advanced tech media, it seems like everyone and their mom is an engineer.

what if a cyberpunk book’s protag was just like, a cashier at a 7/11 that’s fairly uninvolved in tech and doesn’t really know what people are talking about most the time, but still gets roped into wacky cybercrime hijinks.

like Magic for Liars but computers

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hey fediverse, i need some help here.

looking for information on the !/#PocketZip USB dock accessory for the Clik! PCMCIA card drive - specifically on how it works or whether alternatives to it exist

also looking for information on the USB interface for the Iomega media player, because it seems to use a proprietary port (the manual refers to it as "Iomega mini USB", but I can't find any other information on it & am afraid to poke about inside the unit

boosts appreciated 💜

on february 1st, it’ll be 50 days until animal crossing: new horizons

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