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the reason behind my terrible glasses is because i could not afford a style i liked that fit my terrible head

usa politics 

i dont think biden’s gonna win but ya know. im very willing to be pleasantly surprised to never have to hear from trump again

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im very proud of my son pea goku even if he didn't win anything

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kids are so fucking creative and cool??? i love never knowing what they’re gonna say next

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i had the “rawr xD awesome sauce X3 tacos o.O” phase but these kids are on another level. they say legitimately funny and wild shit. half the comments on a video i found were just yelling about how the song “scratches that brain itch” and another person who just typed out in all caps “i love this woof woof bark bark grrrrr”

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im obsessed with zoomer youtube comments

like if i draw something i like.. i draw more, if i draw something i dont like... i dont want draw.......... this is shitfuck

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hate that i get stuck on the teacup ride of fuckshit

i want draw.......but dont want draw............w

do you know how confusing it is to have people referring to the new Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity game as AOC

my neurons are pattern seeking lil shits aint they

people getting legitimately mad about the garnet from steven universe anti-racism ad bc they’re too lazy to look up the context has me Dead and Dying

me: i dont get k-pop :|

also me: love live love live miku miku miku

Love Live.... 

the majority of low level card characters are so interesting and fun. Shion Girls Academy is prolly my favorite group among them

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im just. Love Live. 

ryo and kouyki is the best in-game side character couple, to believe otherwise is foolishness

there is canonically 1 boy in the whole series and its Nico's baby brother

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the reason Love Live is so popular with gays is because every character is queer :thinknyan:

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