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full moons are absolutely ridiculous on a partially cloudy night
i wish i had a good enough camera for it


life is so terrible

i want to be alone im so tired of coexistence let me be an ignorant speck of dust that knows nothing of social events

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HHHHHHH i always forget how extremely 2010’s their outfits are

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i have the aux and im going to play JIBUN WOOOO and theres nothing you can do about it

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i watched the ni no kuni movie. its good except for "character in a wheelchair can magically walk again for no reason" trope

it wasnt a Good day by any means but i lived and i still have all the limbs i started the day with

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always have the lowest of expectations and you may be pleasantly surprised from time to time

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whats your gender

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Be Someone Forever by red vox reminds me of that one album by TWRP i cant remember the name it had a big blue sky and a white rocket ship standing up straight in the middle i think

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