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Mutual, passionate desire, people not content to sit and wait to be acted on, but wanting each other enough to act, to pursue, to make it happen, to inflict themselves on each other

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i hope those of you who are so inclined are out there slutting it up for me

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hey everyone

i'm sorry to have to do this again, but i have a bill due on the 28th and rent due on the 1st and i don't have another choice. My husband recently started college and I had a position change at work, so our last paychecks of the month are way smaller than usual

we need $85 for a bill due on the 28th, and $500 for rent due on the 1st

i am unable to get a loan for this, due to my credit score. i do not have family i can reach out to for help either, so this is my only option.

i can repay if needed!! please dm me or put in your notes that you would like me to pay you back, repayment may take a few weeks to a month or so tho. I can also work out repayment plans for larger ($100+) amounts

please help out my little queer family if you can

paypal: paypal.me/muttmusk

cashapp: $InstantPoodle

venmo: InstantPoodle

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest #transcrowdfund

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do u wanna build massive megastructures that will outlast generations with me? 🥺
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It's time to do the laundry. it's time to Suffer

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@HudMo@twitter.com Want get some nice stickers while also helping sponsor open source sex tech?

Donate to the Buttplug project via

Ko-fi (one time payment, $3/sticker): ko-fi.com/qdot76367

Patreon (sub at $5+): patreon.com/qdot76367

GitHub (sub at $5+): GitHub.com/sponsors/qdot

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And I obliged.

Cbat by Hudson Mohawke, as accompanied by Trombone Champ played using an Interactive Fleshlight from 2003.

(Cursor is moved by varying air pressure levels in the fleshlight.)

I'm gonna go clean the lube off my desk now.

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large study concludes that roughly 1.5% of the general population have celiac disease and 70% don't know it.

This means: if you have gut problems or weird eczema or fatigue or depression: genuinely quite probably could be me and the gang

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begpost, please boost!!, urgent!! 

Alright friends and loved ones. It’s the big one.

I am super super low on funds right now, due to some outstanding debts, so I am in dire need at the moment!!

Help me pay for my moving costs and first month’s rent! AND HELP GET ME THE HELL OUT OF FLORIDA!!! I love you all, and thank you for anything you can contribute <33333

Venmo: @gaydragongirl

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vampire thirsty, biting, blood 

Shoving their mesmerized prey into a wall, pinning their head back and to the side with a hand clamped over their eyes, biting down hard and hungrily as the prey gives out a strangled, distant cry

Draining them for all they can get, all they can drink, until the prey is buckling, collapsing from a dizziness brought on by blood loss. They fall out of the vampire's reach, so the hungry hunter has to follow them down, straddling them and digging fangs back in

Cries become whimpers, become squeaks, become nothing. The prey is left pale and pathetic, staring vacantly into space. The hunter stands up, wipes their mouth, adjusts their clothing, regains their composure. The moment passes, leaving them satisfied, but for how long?

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what's the most controvercial topic on the fediverse? 


techbros hate 'em.
plantifas love 'em.

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cloak questions :boost_requested: 

I'm thinking about making a cloak for myself sometime.

Is there anyone who has experience wearing cloaks, or making them?
What's are good and bad features?
Do you know any good sewing patterns out there?
Anything else I should look out for?

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men used to wear leggings however many hundred years ago

now it's not a popular fashion choice

BUT now the manly men jeans and masculine macho chinos

have elastic fabric lmao

no leggings! we're men. but just maybe, stretchy form-fitting trouser thingies....

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The image in this post displays its own MD5 hash.

You can download and hash it yourself, and it should still match - 1337e2ef42b9bee8de06a4d223a51337

I think this is the first PNG/MD5 hashquine.
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Nsfw | hypno | fantasy 

Your eyes flutter open and struggle through the haze of blur settled into them. It's so hard to see at first but as your eyes adjust you can see something shiny moving amidst the foggy cloud that has seeped into your mind, leaving you to sluggishly try and follow the glimmer as it moves. You strain feeling the numbness creeping back along your skin, crawling up your spine, dragging you deep below the surface. You watch the light shimmer above the water glimmering brighter as you drift further away. You try to resist the pull, you want to swim, to kick, to do anything, but you can feel yourself fading and as you sink lower and lower you find a peace you did not expect. At the bottom of this pool you look up at the hazy sky and can see the light swinging back and forth, back and forth above you. You wonder what it could possibly be.

*I stand in front of you swinging the silver coin back and forth*

"When I count to 3 you'll be an insatiable little toy.




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