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mh+, suicide mention, selfie no ec 

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my lewd alt seems to be my main for now at least 

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kinda tense trans feeling 

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i'm here i'm queer 

ok, i did it. i unfollowed everyone. expect tootual silence for a bit.


kinda feel like starting fresh on masto, just unfollowing everyone and then finding a lot of the same people on local and federated

work poem 

every day my real self takes a nap while the shell does the dirty work. shell's gettin real thin though.

i find it immensely comforting that people have been hacking biological/bodily gender expression for a very long time. the science and the pills i take are relatively new, but the humanity of it is not.

minor injury, blood, selfie, near ec, light hearted 

this year will be the year i post something so cursed it instantly tangs everyone on radtown and all instances it federates with

2019 in review 

The first public draft of the Euphony Protocol (temporary name) has been released.

The Euphony Protocol is a chat protocol designed for easy implementation and federation, heavily inspired by Discord. It is still somewhat work-in-progress, but it should be fully polished in a couple of months.

I've been working on this for the past 2 months, and it's finally somewhat finished. Keep in mind I have no prior protocol-writing experience.

This is just the beggining.

feminizing hrt update 

The shortest days of the year are a terrible time to set goals and self-motivate for the coming year. Why aren’t summer solstice resolutions a thing?

This decade had:

Occupy Wall Street

The first serious discussion of income inequality, socialism, and unions *in my entire lifetime*

Nationwide gay marriage

The beginnings of Informed Consent for medical gender transition, and trans rights as a respected issue

Widespread acceptance of gun control and climate change as actual policy needs

# metoo -- it's hard to overstate how big a deal this is, in the context of the last few decades

food, the metaphorical room 2/ 

on eggs and sexual stuff 

I don't really know how to describe this but I'd love to hear if anyone else has similar experiences. I was trying on names like i did early in my transition, and in a similar way i found one that is Right, that is My Name,, but it's different from the way Lilly is my name. Oryn feels like what my name should be if i were someone else. Or maybe, what my name is and I'm the wrong person? I'm not sure how to process/interpret that.

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