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i'm here i'm queer 

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hi everybody! i don't want a name yet, but i'm a lonely trans feminine nerd, hoping to connect with people and share support. i hope y'all are having a swell day and i'll try to get up to speed on the local culture. please tell me if i show bad manners!

as i said on tumblr, tumblr might become a place to workshop my toots

mh kinda 

This is still my favorite meme in the "pastel vaporwave-looking stuff with slime font" category.

work stuff 

🎶 she's going to lay on my chest toniiiiight!!

last night i finally -felt- like a pillow princess. i grabbed a bunch of pillows and lay among them! i hugged one while watching tv under a blanket!! it was so good.

i'm seeing a lot of struggling on my timeline right now and i just want you all to know that i want you to be ok, happy, healthy, whatever it is about your mental health that you value, i want that for you.

work stuff 

whelp, the poll says i voted but i don't remember doing that...and there's only one vote!!! whatever happened, the choice is made, time to get moving :)

pls help me make a choice and stop procrastinating 

Talking about the conflicting needs and frustration of trans and nonbinary people with different experiences 

*strolls up to the passdown 5 min late, stubbly, snacking on a strange bun* so, un, new week

gifted kids, development, burnout 

positive reinforcement and encouragement, talking about going from "gifted kid" to "mentally ill" 

the six particles that make up the genders: up, down, top, bottom, strange, charm.
my gender is a charmed bottom omega baryon (strange, charm, bottom)
and remember, whether you're baryonic or mesonic, you're 100% valid!

pseudoscience with a basis in racism and cissexism 

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