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mh+, suicide mention, selfie no ec 

i don't need to leave this place
just how i'm feeling and thinking
i don't want to kill myself
just overwrite the man i was trying to be
let the woman i am emerge

i should've worn a hat

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my lewd alt seems to be my main for now at least 

if you would like to interact with me more and you are hornt/don't mind seeing horntness, i've been more active as @biofilm lately. i welcome follow requests <3

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kinda tense trans feeling 

i don't hate myself
i hate
the shape
the form i was spilled into

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i'm here i'm queer 

get uncomfortable my relationship to sex and gender will never be normalized and that's ok!

for a long time i let people tell me what and who i am, and hoped they got it right. it's weird to take ownership of that.

food shitpost 

when i eat crackers in bed it's a metaphor for how i live

voxel based 3d crafting game but every block is a cubic mm and you're a tiny person wandering the skeletons of abandoned machinery

but what if i could be open *and* intimidating

my lived experience is that i just repeatedly plug myself into things to see if i want them and then unplug

2077: elon tesla's cyberbody files suit in civil court pending recognition of personhood

i did not survive this long just to ruin it for myself

after all these years i still want to do a sheet metal analog of papercraft, and weld up some low poly models from classic quake or somethin

glad i made a little time to step up on the masto podium today. like, a tiny bit of time

i miss my hometown but it's like looking back fondly on a toxic ex

star wars, death mention 

i found kyle ren to be the most compelling character and i'm going to die mad about it

a year from now the upper class will be installing antimicrobial copper countertops and posting their old granite or marble Free, You Haul on craigslist

wanting to make video games is partly just that i want to express some things that way. would i be any good at it? i dunno

i'm east coast night crew in spirit but actually just up kinda late on the west

like, i know they're talking to a ghost, an artifact. walking among the living until i blow this hatch and emerge

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