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following people on here 

so i unfollowed almost everyone a while ago -- and it was a good choice for how i was doing -- but i'm ready to do be following again, so. if i unfollowed you it was probably nothing personal, and i'm gonna be refollowing folks. i hope that's not weird <3

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closeted trans prayer 

give me the strength to wear this armor

high heels with an agressive stance. sleek styling. all weather. chrome trim.

sensory stuff on break 

the electric whine of a forklift on the other end of the parking lot, the clank of the forks as it corners and goes over bumps. cool air wafting through open car windows. lot lights glaring down on the dash. traffic whooshing by. cold hands.

uspol, unity 

i'm really glad i can come here and see people shitpost and talk shit and generally be irreverant about the inauguration. that's some local unity i can enjoy.

biden's speech felt like our very disappointed grandpa came back inside the house after mowing the lawn to see the house trashed, and all the kids got a stern talking to despite it being not all the kids' fault. this family is a pillar of the community, a shining beacon blah blah blah


i have, yet again, accidentally assembled burger buns so that one is two tops and the other is two bottoms.

food, drink, and the material 

so it's all just matter right, the things we ingest? it's pretty satisfying knowing that i can prepare a thing i'll want. earlier it was seared bell pepper cheeks, very little prep and no one to complain about the size. tonight, it's coffee, and there are grounds left in the bottom of the cup because the grounds brewed right in the water and i filtered it with a sieve that let some through. it's fine, and kind of fun. being up late is kind of like camping.

practicing writing my chosen name and it's turned into a bunch of experiments for ways to write it, and a conscious attempt to learn to write it legibly and with care, this is going so much better than with the given one

for a while there i was messing around with a lot of glitch art and really got into the headspace of it, not sure if i miss the headspace or the art more.

emotions, mh-, managing mh 

feeling sad but i'm trying this thing where i try to kind of consciously regulate or interact with feelings so i don't get overwhelmed. not interested in shoving things down, just wanting to be able to do and talk about things i legit care about whilst having moods as well

my girlfriend: i can't believe i had to say full tang butter knife, what the fuck is this world coming to?

gender blah 

asking if i'm nonbinary, asking if i'm genderfluid, getting back "undefined. you feel coerced to appear to closer to your assigned role."

i have well well over 100 browser tabs open on my phone. the first is a new york times article entitled why you procrastinate

i set the homepage on my phone's browser to and whenever i hit the home button i get very confused

captioning images is the same energy as doing dishes imo

picked up a free chair from craigslist and it rolls like shit. thinking about putting it up for free on craigslist.

i do not at all enjoy following a link to a website and then having to hit the back button three times to leave as it tries to trap me in some kind of hierarchy of content

executive function 

thinking about making a list of projects to work on, but keeping them kinda small and loosely defined, and just trying to work on one per weekend, see where it goes. the exploratory part of doing things helps me stay interested

not clear on the technical definition but it sure seems like hoppers are square and silos are round.

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