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mh+, suicide mention, selfie no ec 

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my lewd alt seems to be my main for now at least 

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kinda tense trans feeling 

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i'm here i'm queer 

i see a future where every bedroom has a 2 meter capacity 3d printer. unloading parts requires another 2m x2m of floor space. everyone knows how to weld thermoplastics. we sleep standing up. it takes days to make a coffee table.

*walking back from break*
hmmmm the atmosphere
water falls from the sky

@melissasage something to consider is to how large an extent the perception of sexual dimorphism in humans is created by media over-representing and over-emphasising body types that conform to their pre-conceived notions of what genders should look like

Notice to parents: there is a new gang in town called HTTP. If you see your children talking about it or posting links containing that online it is important to have a talk with them.

Some reports are coming out about a rival gang, HTTPS, whose name means “HTTP Sucks.” Use caution.

I slept in, but not too late, I had a decent breakfast, I look cute, it's a short day, I think I'm gonna have a Good One, goddamnit

trans girls only: 

capitalism, mh- 

i have things to say but i don't even know what they are? i could sit here feeling like a balloon full of thoughts or i could toot about it and still feel that way. huh.

i asked pellets guy for an xml file and this is verbatim his response 

probably ought to take a break from mastodon today, i'll see you all in a bit <3

queer replacement for the zodiac that has more signs that are cooler and you get to pick which one fits you and it doesn’t pretend to be mystical OR pseudoscience

this is the closest thing i can find except the ones i saw had a spike heel and were a lot fatter and puffier in the shoe part. they also had hook-eye loop things instead of grommets for the laces if i recall corretly

when i worked at value village briefly i once saw a pair of high heeled hiking boots and i've been quietly losing my mind about it ever since

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