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My Life as a Cursed Discord Mod (Official Link) 

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when the university calls for alumni donations I'm just gonna burp into the phone

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food related, kinda gross 

(I'm back on my bullshit: squidposting on main)

🦑 🦑 🦑 🦑 🦑 🦑 🦑

Splatoon pro tip: If you squidbag, fuck you don't squidbag

Wave Goodnight to Me by Jeff Rosenstock absolutely slaps

I know because I've been looping it for the past hour

I'm loving the splatfest ink colors. It's like I'm inking with jam 🍓 🦑

I'm one of those splatoon roller mains that will bulldoze your squid parties that your mother warned you about

Man after this week, everything's going to be way less difficult, so I'll be able to crawl out from under this pile of redbull and diet coke cans and give you some more tasty shitposts, as well as that whole cursed server saga :ok_hand_hmn_g1:

my partner's car battery went sicko mode a week ago and we haven't had hot water for two days this sure makes college bullshit even more bullshittier haha

part of campus smells like a campfire and I'm not sure if it's concerning or whimsical

Hey can someone tell me who I can commission to make this for my future apartment

Unpopular Pokemon opinions, Gen 5 Edition 

All of the new starters are super cute and have great designs,

but this is my babby

starting to get to the point where I'm so tired that I'm aimlessly mad

will I email my former employer to get the job-offer ball rolling tomorrow?

I sure hope so

dang it's almost time to shave my head in the bathroom again

Hey, y'all-- Facebook recently announced they're launching a "Patreon killer" service.

Regardless of your thoughts on Patreon, FB's alternative is TERRIBLE!

⚠️ 30% gross revenue fee
⚠️ Automatic LIFETIME IP rights to ANYTHING you put on the service
even if you quit!
⚠️ FB wants to give discounts and freebies whenever they like, w/o creator approval, and then deduct it from creator revenue
⚠️ FB will also control WHO sees your content and how many views you have

transphobia, truscum mention 

im a strong independent ĩ̴̢̩̬͆̃́͒̾n̵̪͑ͅs̵͖̼̭̋̄̈́̈́e̴̞̘͔̣̣͑r̷̢̼̬̄̎́̾̆t̵̞̗̊̓̈́̏̈́͑ͅ ̸̭̜̞̰̔g̵͚̮̒́͗̿͠ę̷̥̄͆͗́ͅṉ̷̛̫͕̑͌̍d̵̙̺͚̬̽̆é̷̱̈́̿͠r̴̟͓̈́̽͜ and i can pat my own ass thank you very much

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