falling asleep n waking up not knowing how you did the former is priceless ​:kitten_knife:

I want to fall in love with another trans person

feeling extremely connected to my queerness atm :patcat:


i need someone with a good taste in music who likes arthouse, surreal retro stuff, and is a lil depressed to fuck the shit out of me

nsfw, thighs, in between thighs 

sum more pics >w<

coconut cocoa butter on mah legs :3


non binary ppl are so fucking hot omigosh please do me

oh and good morning gays~ ​:blobmiou:​​:heart_trans:​​:kitten_knife:


im a ​:hacker_s:​​:hacker_l:​​:hacker_u:​​:hacker_t:​​:kitten_knife:

shaving, itching 

still itching at 3am baby hell yeah life is pain
someone please gimme tips for next time ​:blobdab:

nsfw, thighs 

my thighs before disaster ​:hacker_o:​​:hacker_w:​​:hacker_o:

:lazer_S:​​:lazer_H:​​:lazer_I:​​:lazer_T:​​:lazer_P:​​:lazer_O:​​:lazer_S:​​:lazer_T:​ ​:lazer_S:​​:lazer_U:​​:lazer_N:​​:lazer_D:​​:lazer_A:​​:lazer_Y:​​:kitten_knife:

:hacker_t:​​:hacker_r:​​:hacker_a:​​:hacker_n:​​:hacker_s:​​:hacker_c:​​:hacker_o:​​:hacker_m:​​:hacker_m:​​:hacker_o:​​:hacker_d:​​:hacker_o:​​:hacker_r:​​:hacker_e:​ 64


razor burned tf out of myself ​:blobwizard:​ now trying every lil remedy to try n alleviate the pain ow ow ow ow ow

it's pouring rain ​:blobnom_trans:​​:jhg_y:​​:jhg_a:​​:jhg_y:

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