made a second account on another instance, @reanarchy i will probably be a bit more active there. feel free to follow me

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i would love for people to discuss Black radical author's like they do Marx on here

I havent been active the past weeks because i dont really know how to use this platform. since im so addicted to the pointlessness of instagram its hard to change the way i go about "social" media. but slowly! its a process. plus ive been coping a loot with ptsd, capitalism and corona. its a maze. felt the need to do something and found this instance called does anyone of you know something about it? thanks in advance !!

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what a beautiful day it is to abolish prisons

germany is having such a nazi problem i feel the urge need to fight them (+ my own internalized racism)

i really want to start an anti-racist online book club for white people to process their collective responsibility, educate themselves and learn to do better. idk if thats a strange or helpful idea

spent the first day in my own flat today. feels strange...solitude is both frightening and wonderful. manifesting patience with my process 🐛

Hello dear people! im lilly, 20 years old, bisexual and from germany. im trying my best to be an intersectional feminist, anti-racist & anarchist. also vegan and part-time witch. im new on mastodon and very excited who im gonna meet on here, i really want to find new friends! feel free to contact me (i still need to figure out how this works...) all the love and don't forget to eat the rich : >

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