Your #Bandcamp is beautiful! Hope more people will visit and have a listen:


ps: Thank you for getting a copy of "leaving". Share your thoughts please if you don't mind.




I think I was particularly drawn to leaving as it has the sort of form that I'm interesting in atm, with lots of repetition.

I sent it to a friend actually. Maybe you'd be interested in their stuff. I think this recording is really beautiful:


And as I've been thinking about tuning systems recently, it made me think about incorporating different tunings into my music. I liked the use of pitch bends and such in the melodic sections

@aliciaesperanza96 Thank you for taking time to give feedback. I appreciate it. Little conversations like this one really motivate me to get going again.

I will definitely check out your friend's Bandcamp. Thank you!

Also, keep the community updated on how you're progressing with your new ideas!


No problem :) Will do! I look forward to hearing more of your existing and yet to exist stuff

@aliciaesperanza96 as I'm reading your reply, I'm sitting in front of my #MPC1000, working in two notes from your piece "over 3" 😄



oh awesome! I should put a thing on the album page saying I'm happy with people sampling if they tell me. Maybe I will change the license the album is under. I need to research it a lil bit more.

I also put all the stems and raw sounds from the album before onto freesound:


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@aliciaesperanza96 I think you put this "note" under your first album. that's why I had the idea.

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