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some days i just wanna go into the woods, as far as my feet can carry me and build a small hut, never to be seen by society again.


something about a nice bowl of spaghetti and tomato sauce, with good pasta, good tomatoes, olive oil, and not much else but some salt and some good cheese on top just feels so damn Quality. and cheap even with nicer ingredients. I don't have "a" favorite food but this is high up there

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ever think about how gamma radiation is literally just an extremely fucked up colour that kills you


oh hell yes, the memory protection unit i tacked onto a m68k on this board works :)

light ageism @ self 

birthday's next month. ugh i wonder how long i can keep up the lie that im still 29

maybe i'll start decrementing instead of incrementing and see how long before someone calls me on it lmao

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transphobia adj 

i cannot imagine why terfs are so upset at "trans rights activists" like

the radical end of our "let people be who they are" slippery slope is like

u can self-determine your own gender legally and all the bathrooms are gender-neutral and theres like free over-the-counter gender affirming medicine or something?

whats the worst thats gonna happen

some cis dudes get really good at weightlifting because they can go pick up T?

me: recently got a pay raise with a promotion

landlord: haha about that, let's talk lease renewal....nice raise :))

electronics, video 

I'm thrilled, so many parts are coming together here. That code is written in C. It's allocated into a filesystem with a custom fs builder, relocated with a custom linker, loaded into RAM on the debug board (firmware and a PLD, not to mention the RAM is a couple BGAs...), then actually blinking the LED needs the CPU, bus control PLD, all the bus arbitration logic, and UART chip (which has some GPIOs on it) all operational

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software, random gripe 

approximately once a year I find myself confronted again with the fact that python's struct module only supports a single endianness spec for the entire format string and become irrationally grouchy about that

WHY can't i switch per field? that has to have been a deliberate design choice. some of us have to deal with data formats that are stupid!

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related is the general trend of insisting on data representations of behavior rather than code

this: things=[x, y, z]; for thing in things: do(thing)

is not better than this: do(x); do(y); do(z)

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libraries/tools that use "beautiful" human-readable configurations that are actually unobvious and hard to figure out how to _write_, if very readable once written - docopt comes to mind, and some "lightweight" config/markup formats - are a fucking plague


suddenly sad i did not think to put a beeper on my old computer


i made a thing out of old crap again


update: it was a bad jtag programmer 😒

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i built up my boards with all the old crap on them and now the cplds won't program 😭

if anyone has a good idea why an atf1502/4 would respond with a valid idcode but then fail to write (returning all 1s on readback and being nonfunctional) i'm all ears. do know however that i couldn't even be arsed to stick a scope probe on the jtag lines yet this morning

queer, sex 

need a good word for "definitely some kind of ace spec bc i have absolutely no interest in ever actually doing anything with anybody, but also holy fucking crap everybody is hot"

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