may have come down with a case of the fuck-its and cut my hair super short

and guess what? "short-haired girls are hot" applies to me too, who'd have thought! 🙃

the purple color i have it now is even fucking cuter too

@calcifer sure sounds like you did the right thing. be happy!

@agmlego @scanlime haha i'm not actually trying to make a point i'm just rambling

@scanlime there was a definite trend at the time of music with a strong "by and for whiny men" vibe

@agmlego Coldplay doesn't seem to get the same kind of reactions, I feel like that was also a bit of a hate-meme but died off

@agmlego i dunno i feel like it just kinda caught on as a meme/hate-circlejerk, wrong place wrong time

though i personally feel like there's merit for once to the idea that they sound really samey, i dunno if i could pick them out if not for the characteristic singing voice. they sound like plastic music to me. i guess it gets a little grating

@AgathaSorceress lol linux (well, freedesktop? i guess) could really use a way to differentiate between "can handle type" and "should handle type"

mine was going and opening jpegs with a 3d printer slicer lol

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it's called the 'block' chain because you 'block' people who are big fans of it

@cinebox the 1# spools last me ages but I'd go through this one fast, if I were using it.


i am begging fellow trans women to not treat me as unfinished or a baby tran bc i'm a butch

i just can't with y'all gender norm pushing trans ppl

software opinion 

@cyborgar now you're getting it

software opinion 

@cyborgar shush, no real software opinions allowed here, only pol hot takes and dog pics

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