electronics, kinda 

Aisler's KiCad FAQ page borders on unhinged lol


oh hell yes, the memory protection unit i tacked onto a m68k on this board works :)


i made a thing out of old crap again


box drawing characters are a good aesthetic


coding for fun means i get to do real stupid shit on small processors and i love it

old computer bullshit 

presented without comment


told y'all i was gonna put a fuckin m68k in this thing

minor electronics pet peeve kvetch 

you're using a DE-9. a DB-9 is this


i'm working with some old cplds...

feeling like engaging in some plotter shenanigans today

have an adapter design to try out to fit modern pens to it, and i want to try using it for direct printing on copperclad fr4 for pcb making


lol i think the only code i got in was some improvements to the HPGL generator for people plotting schematics on literal pen plotters

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