food pic 

"in leaves" is such an underutilized cooking method. these look so fuckin charming


just ordered. sure hope i didn't miss anything silly lol

joke about doing a very bad thing 

oh sorry it has a real pocket. if i want to store a fuckin quarter

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man i don't usually do anything this packed unless i can invoice for it...


can you tell where i finally pulled out the autorouter lol

wow, the first paragraph of this scam email sure has adopted the tone of recent political rhetoric in an unsettling way

think i just bought the last two RMII Ethernet transceivers in the world lol


this low leakage RTC backup power circuit has a bit of cleverness. The PNP transistor actually operates in the reverse active region briefly during the power changeover. The reason for it is that the E-B resistor is required to keep the leakage low (Icbs < Icbo) but if it were on the other side, would provide a leakage path of its own via the C->B junction

I still need to fully test this with proper nA current measurement but I'm (prematurely?) quite pleased with myself lol

selfie, eye contact 

i like this pic of me and my dog from earlier

oh come on we both know that's bullshit. if you're gonna tell me it'll last 200 years you might as well tell me it'll cure cancer and make me sandwiches starting in 69th year

tattoo pic 

i finally got the skateboarding wizard lol

pet health + 

Molly got good news from the beagle doctor this morning :)

electronics adjacent 

i see digikey's website is having a good day again

my dog needs special prescription food now that code for "delicious"?


first test of first PCB of new oscilloscope project: success!

high voltage power supply PCB with two layers of the planar transformer (will be four layers total) installed

woo \o/

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