this week I was working on bringup of new silicon.

these are the rare times I actually enjoy my work!

finding silicon bugs is fun. trying to pinpoint the causes of some unexpectedly behavior, trying out alternative explanations, ad-hoc writing a few lines of Python, stretching again my Pandas muscles, and so on

it was super fun. but it was also exhausting. I need the weekend very much.

it's sad that the chip itself is only going into some █████ product I don't care about, and it won't make the world a better place, not a tiny bit.

plus my colleagues aren't enthusiastic at all, they just want it done. so much that it hinders thoroughness. I think they're doing this for too long already.

I wish I could share more, discuss more tips & tricks regarding lab measurements, but the customer has an unhealthy culture regarding secrecy (and I did sign a bunch of NDAs) 😕

@uint8_t if i had a dime for every client who thought their business model would be ruined if a competitor knew which brand of coffee they had in the break room, i wouldn't need to have clients

@alexisvl @uint8_t As a freelancer, it's always fun to see potential clients respond to "no, I don't sign template NDAs" with visible confusion, even over text chat


@joepie91 @uint8_t I'm really glad I don't have to deal with that bs directly. I work for a consultancy with ~16 employees so we do at least have someone _else_ to handle the Lawyerly Nonsense

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