open source and electronics adjacent 

i know this has been a bit of an unpopular opinion in oshw but i'm gonna go ahead and say: no, if your "oshw" thing is unnecessarily made in expensive proprietary software when you could have used tools accessible to everyone, NO, it's not truly open

it must be in the spirit of open source to be open source. accessibility to everyone is the Point not just being able to technically tick the box

open source and electronics adjacent 

"but it's hardware! it's already expensive to build so that ship has sailed"

i am building an oscilloscope from scratch. it has some very expensive parts. it costs WAY less than an Altium license and doesn't lock you into a subscription plan like an Eagle license

open source and electronics adjacent 

(there's a Huge can of worms behind "accessibility to everyone is the point" that i don't really have the spoons to open rn but just please know that was intentional)

re: open source and electronics adjacent 

@alexisvl Hear hear!! I have a Digilent Nexys2 and Altera DE-1 FPGA development board, neither of which I use anymore because Yosys and ArachnePNR do not support them.

Today, all of my HDL-related designs are targeted towards iCE40-family FPGA products, both for their reasonable prices and because they're fully supported by FOSS and FOSH toolchains.

open source and electronics adjacent 


This is one of the reasons that i use FreeCad, and have chipped in to fund it's future development. :D

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