elaborating on something i said earlier... while yeah we should all try to buy less shit, the DIY ethic is good, repairing old stuff is dope, and no you do not need that shiny thing,

... "consumerism" is the individualist mirror image of *commodification*. Buying less stuff is nice, but the systemic problem is not that we buy things, it's that we have a socioeconomic system which tries to package and sell solutions to problems as products we can just buy.


we buy things because we live in a world in which that's just "how things work". and yeah, individual change is good! if we're going to build a new world we need to know how to function in it. but at some point we need to stop shouting into the void at imagined negative-millionaires with thirty credit cards and throw out the fucking garbage system that thrives on creating these things



i'm tired and depressed tonight so i'm shouting into the void at capitalism instead lmao what up

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