feeling like engaging in some plotter shenanigans today

have an adapter design to try out to fit modern pens to it, and i want to try using it for direct printing on copperclad fr4 for pcb making

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damn i should have taken pics of the result. but now i am in bed.

it writes onto copper clad pretty well actually! will definitely take some dialing in to get a good PCB out of it. def have to write a script to parse gerbers and drive it, no way just squirting kicad's hpgl down a serial cable will cut it

in particular I think thin lines will have to be double-traced to ensure a lack of gaps

and the script will need to be able to switch pens intelligently because there's no way I'm doing a zone fill with an 0.1mm tip pen

where do the cool kids post 3D printable designs lately? I've got a good working adapter to put Staedtler Pigment Liners in. they're excellent for paper too, and come in colors :)

@alexisvl Is it some special pen that you can directly etch it?

@x44203 most "permanent" ink works fine as etch resist

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