seriously why are there so many cooking myths about things getting bitter? the green part in a garlic clove isn't bitter either. you know you can just taste these things, right? like just put it in your mouth. see? not bitter

*i* am bitter

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anyone who says you can't fry things in olive oil because it gets "bitter" does not want you to taste delicious things. and probably has a stove permanently stuck on high

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btw this might be an interesting board to someone. SAMA5D3 with maxed out RAM, an ECP5 FPGA memory mapped (64MB address space) plus its own 16MB PSRAM, a decent voltage reference, 3ppm TCXO + RTC with a longlife LTP battery option, some interesting power features (4.5-16V input, power keepalive assist for clean shutdown, sync to external clock, one uncommitted 3A buck channel, flex IO voltages on the FPGA) meant as a SBC for analog test equipment control.

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can you tell where i finally pulled out the autorouter lol

ever have a day where the skin on your face just randomly decides "nah bro, hair tickles me now"? my hair will not stop bothering me today and i'm about to take the clippers to this motherfucker

freeze peach 

if ppl could stfu for five minutes about how free speech means they get to call me slurs and sell each other snake oil, we could actually have a conversation about how "free speech just means the government! not freedom from consequences!" isn't a useful concept in a world with increasing private business control over what we see, and how maybe there's something we should do about it that doesn't involve amendments OR hoping the companies are on your side

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“Property will cost us the earth”

Seen in Savannah, Georgia

i don't think the salon life is for me. i'm too much butch trash. gonna grab me a pair of scissors and some dye in a box lmao how do y'all afford this regularly??

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i had my hair colored at a nice salon for...probably too much money tbh bc i was afraid of fucking up and bleaching it to death, and now that i've had it for a minute my gay ass is like "hmm but what if i made it purple now"

rapidly developing an actual physical allergy to the word valid

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do i need to take progesterone to aid the growth of my cat ears or what

trans stuff kinda (+) 

at some point in my transition i figured out the butch "playfully masc without just looking male" thing well enough to still get gendered right by the general public and it makes me feel so fuckin powerful yo

queer shit, aging, maybe sliiiightly ageist? 

occasionally i feel like life is moving too fast and i'm getting old too fast

then i run into some older lgbtq folks online and i just

no, i cannot relate to y'all yet everything you talk about is so boring i guess i'm still a spring chicken lol

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Collective transit should be free.

And there should not be a whole bunch of profit-extracting corporations involved in it.

Then I would lose my job and would have a lot of time to go on collective transit!

drugs + food 

don't think it's felt any more like a "pizza beer and weed" night in a very long time than it does now

wow, the first paragraph of this scam email sure has adopted the tone of recent political rhetoric in an unsettling way


no microchip you do not NEED a 10 layer board for this. i saw your gerbers. you spent an entire layer on your clock. just the clock. yeah it's an important net but a whole layer? y'all bougie mfs lol

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yeah i'm pretty sure it's just not possible to meet all the layout "requirements" for bare chip DDR2-SDRAM on a board any normal person can make..... but I'm also having a hell of a time justifying some of these very very fussy rules against the timing diagrams

1.27mm? I'm running this at 133 MHz. that's like 0.3 degrees phase. the fr4 material variation across the damn board will probably be worse than that

oh well, time to yolo this shit

i have such profound conversations with my dog 

"you are so beagley that you're a beagle. that's how beagley you are!"

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