Need to replace/upgrade the GPU on your gaming rig?
Hold on just a little longer: ~15 September Ethereum goes proof-of-stake. And miners at large won't switch to Ethereum-Classic or Bitcoin, they will try to sell the cards as fast as possible before closing shop.

Meaning even new fresh high-end Nvidia RTX cards will be available with hefty discount. :meowthinksmart:

@akai "Fresh"... Probably highly used by mining though

@nemo no no it's as I said: due to the amount of available and cheap second hand cards, the vendors of new cards with have to align

@akai I wouldn't recommend getting a used card though, because of mining you can end up with ones that have overheated or close to.
But with miners not wanting to get the latest cards, you should be able to get new GPUs for a saner price.
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