Less than 10 days left to collect signatures for the European Citizen's Initiative on Universal Basic Income

Germany is getting very close to the threshold! Come on!

Over 100 boosts :blobfoxcheer:
Y'all are fabulous folks. Yes UBI is just a short-term solution for survival under capitalism, but that's what's plausibly possible in the current EU framework.

update: Germany reached the threshold!
Now let's be clear: it's more symbolic than anything, the initiative most likely won't collect enough signatures overall to be pushed in the EC's agenda.

Still: it's noteworthy within EU governance when Germany, Italy and Spain align on something.

@akai done. Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t even heard of this initiative!

@akai We are very very far from the one million statements of support (only at 1/4) and 3/7 countries reached the threshold, so… I shared it a few months ago but it didn’t get much traction

@melunaka yes, at that point is merely to send a message 😔 highly dubious any parliament in EU will actually make the proposal but... It's a try

@akai damn I was about to vote and noticed that citizenship is compulsory. I only have permanent residence. I'll put my grain by promoting this

@akai dang thats epic
I wonder what the eu commision would turn this into, highly interesting to force them to engage with the idea and make a serious proposal

@akai aren't all discussed proposals too low to allow dignified living? Wouldn't corps use UBI as an excuse to lower wages?

eu pol, a thing citizens can do 

@akai Brexit took my EU citizenship. Boosting for those who still have it.

@futureisfoss @akai Yes....I wonder if anyone told the homeless and the poor who have no internet connection about this "initiative". These people with their slow moving and "asking" if it is ok to help if that should even be a question. I also submitted my "vote" there but nothing will happen I am sure.

I think you just described it perfectly, if they really wanted to help people then they would've done it already instead of calling for a vote, lol. Its a good thing you submitted your vote, but I wouldn't be surprised if nothing happens out of it.

@futureisfoss @tio Just to clarify: the European Citizen's Initiative at hand has been registered by a group of citizens ( ), and not an institution/party of the EU. Perhaps those citizens are otherwise directly involved in supporting the poor and homeless, or maybe are in that situation themselves.

About UBI as far as I know there has been some politician narrative about it and a few local experiments, but nothing state/union level. That's what aims to spark this ECI.

@futureisfoss @tio (not to sound cynical but when I see the composition of the European Commission and the European Parliament, even if the ECI was successful to force them take a position on the subject, UBI would get rejected almost immediately -unless there's immense popular demand for it like demos, strikes, referendums,..)

@akai @tio I don't think you sound cynical, you're just being more realistic.

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