It is just now that I've learned about a certain birdsite user (handle "femboytrain") and who is, literally, a femboy that takes Blåhaj with them in their train cabin :blobaww:

Bon, pour monter à Paris demain... déjà ça sera quoi la météo?
.. mouais ça va le faire ^_^

It's been some time since I spent some time with my head resting on someone's thighs. Yeah 🥺

Also I'm feeling slightly cuter and extra cuddly and touch-starved,,,

❄️ Snowflake is helping people in Iran and other countries circumvent Internet censorship.

Let people know you're operating a Snowflake proxy by downloading and printing our Snowflake sticker pack!
Gooosh slow down ArianeGroup, it's just the VA258 launch of a communication satellite, was it really necessary to mix Hans Zimmer style of epic music for it? :blobfoxheadphones:

6 hours of Transport Fever again, my oh my this isn't very sanitary ^^;

Random thought: computer makers have been reducing the amounts of USB ports on their machines, and..

.. I mean, don't they have sextoys to recharge every now and then? :blobfoxglare: we need more USB ports, not less!

Lewd charts from Reddit about tentacles 

Reposting the images because Reddit's login wall is a nuisance

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lewd thought, pegging 

I'm slowly heating up to the idea of getting pegged :blobfoxshy:

Like, I have lots of apprehensions, but on the rare times I play with my prostate I know I could quite quickly spiral down in a quivering tingling bliss of pleasure that would last pretty long..

(source: one hour later now, prostate is still not 100% calmed)


Vibrator buzzing against the prostate :BlobCatBlush:

If you want to help by running a Snowflake, make sure you are not in an area where Tor is blocked, and install the Snowflake network extension for Firefox or Chrome. It will let users in censored areas connect to Tor through your browser. More info on

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semi-nude, nipples 

Feeling a bit cute, cuddling with sharkie :blobcatmelt:

Weekly reminder to use, provide or donate your nail polish before it dries up :meowthinksmart:

Luckily I had another vial left

Am feeling slightly cute, time to reapply nail polish on my feet :blobuwu:

I mean, it's highly fun in Train Sim World 3 to zoom at over 330 kph over the countless hill-tunnels and valley-bridges on the super long line between Kassel and Würzburg

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