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protip: if you want hardware that works with linux: don't buy hardware

use what you can get for free, because it'll be old enough that all the issues are already worked out
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BBC commentary of Kim Jong Il's funeral procession laid over footage of Queen Elizabeth's. Fits like a glove 😱

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Buffy S01 

Yesterday I started my 4th or 5th rewatch, not sure. I watched Buffy for the first time in 2013 and thought I would never do a rewatch again because of the accusations Charisma Carpenter brought up on Twitter. 💔 But it's still one of my favourites that kept me sane in a shitty time, so here we are! I'll use a CN for everything so feel free to skip my posts instead of being annoyed. :thinkerguns:

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We honor the memory of our inspiring friend David Graeber, who passed away two years ago today.

Please read something he wrote this weekend.

You could start with this essay exploring how we can set long-term goals so as not to be caught off guard by our victories:

Frechkatz vertreibt die Spatzen vom Fensterbrett :(

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the more you learn about colonisation the worse it gets 

things I knew:

- my home area was taken from Guarani and Jê folk (Kaingang and Laklãnõ)
- forest folk had sophisticated agroforestry technology that the coloniser failed to even see, let alone understand
- many "agricultural" staples where domesticated by Amazonian folk that the coloniser called "hunter-gatherers" "without agriculture", including potato, yam, cocoa, manioc, chilli, peanut, tobacco, and a whole lot of fruit and nut trees
- that technology supported large, federated populations with roads and river "cities", that early colonisers reported on, later Christian historians dismissed as myth, and archeologists up until recently failed to spot. LIDAR technology, new evidence gathered after rampant deforestation, and a small softening of colonial prejudices has now proved the old stories right.
- we only ever got any reasonable documentation of indigenous folk after they were deep into postapocalyptic conditions, after 1500. most ethnobotanical knowledge is lost.
- my native biome, the Atlantic forest, was a product of human engineering, like the Amazon forest; from the soil to the selection of trees, everything was stewearded by human residents
- in the long night of 500 years, the native population has been genocided upwards of 97%
- in the long night of 500 years, the distinctive araucaria pine, along with the Araucaria Atlantic forest it supports, has been ecocided upwards of 97%.

things I didn't know:
- human-useful trees like açaí, cocoa and Brazil nut are "hyperdominant" in the Amazon, several orders of magnitude more frequent than what they'd be without human management (227 tree species, or 1.7% of total known, make up more than half of it; açaí is the single most frequent tree.)
- Amazonian people hunted little, and their agroforestry focused on tree crops more than grain or tubers. They fished often.
- by contrast with coloniser agriculture, indigenous cultures seemed to have a knack for diversity and experimentation within the ecosystem. the Caiapó developed 56 varieties of sweet potato; the famously polyamorous Canela, 52 broadbeans; the Baniwa 78 chili cultivars, etc. etc.
- in the Atlantic area, the Jê were nomadic and cycled through food sources through the year
- for the autumn period when the araucaria produces that staple of my childhood, the pinhão nut, they would hang around araucaria sources as their primary source
- the onset of Kaingang-style underground houses happened circa 1000 years ago
- the araucaria pine population starts exploding in the fossil record ca. 1000 years ago
- the conflicts between Kaingang, Laklãnõ and colonisers were about araucaria trees.

so if I'm getting this correctly,

- ca. 1000 years ago, the Proto-Jê arrive. In the space of 500 years they turn the Atlantic Forest into the Araucaria landscapes we know.
- ca. 500 years ago, the coloniser arrive. in the same time period, they all but extinguish this whole high-biodiversity biome. for wood.

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proteste gegen die teuerungen, berlinlastig 

ich hab mir mal versucht nen überblick zu verschaffen und dachte vielleicht freut sich wer. dass ich diese termine sammle heißt NICHT dass ich alle orgas gut finde, bevor mir wer in die mentions rotzt ;)

📢 3.9. Kampagne #IchBinArmutsbetroffen
#Berlin, Fernsehturm (16 Uhr) und #Köln, Chlodwigplatz (14 Uhr)

📢 5.9. Bündnis "Heizung, Brot und Frieden" (Naturfreunde, Klasse gegen Klasse und "Aufstehen")
Berlin, vor der Grünen-Partzeizentrale (18 Uhr)

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Hans-Christian Ströbele, linkes Urgestein der Grünen und sehr aktiver Kämpfer gegen autoritäre Sicherheits- und Überwachungspolitik, ist gestern gestorben. 😿


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In 1997, @Wired magazine published a long file "the next 25 years will be incredibly prosperous for Humanity" before making a sidebar "unless one or two of these ten events occur". Enjoy !

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@adrian Danke für die Rückmeldung, war schon sehr verwundert. Hatte keine Pauseankündigung oä mitbekommen aber habe leider den letzten Neesletter schon gelöscht und kann nicht nachlesen.

Bin leider aufm in Berlin das erste Mal TERFs begegnet und noch ein bisschen schockiert. Mir ist um so deutlicher geworden dass eben nicht jede Person die sich fragwürdig, am Ende sogar cissexistisch oder transfeindlich äußert, für mich TERF ist. Für mich ist der Begriff reserviert für Leute die nen faschistoiden Hass auf trans, bisexuelle und nichtbinäre Menschen und (andere) Cis-Lesben die nicht ihren Vorstellungen entsprechen, haben.

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The ninth annual international Gender Census 2022 is now open until 13th August 2022!

It's for anyone whose gender (or lack thereof) isn't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and results are useful in academia, business and self-advocacy.

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warum heißt es bullshit aus dem internet und nicht webstuhl

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someone was asking "why is socialism, but with a right-wing twist" so popular?

Bc we are a deeply right-wing culture and we are thoroughly propagandized, not just in what we are taught, but in what we aren't.

So there's a lot of people who think of themselves as leftists who still have a lot of right-wing ideology that has taken root in us that we haven't torn out yet.

It's a process, but we can do it. ❤️

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I've had an article entitled 'Why isn't the internet more fun and weird?' queued to share on @thoughtshrapnel but I wasn't sure what I wanted to say, or how I felt about it:

Then @johnjohnston shared something in the comments of one of my recent blog posts:

Which sent me down a rabbithole from Robin Sloan's 'Spring 83' protocol:

Through to this absolute beauty. Yes! How awesome is this?!

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