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coming out (again) 

coming out as straight!!! just kidding

so i was trying to figure out why i was like, tearing up thinking about me being a man and i think i figured it out.

i don't know how into detail i wanna go with all this but the point of the story is i'm 99% sure that i am not a man. i think i'm gonna go by they/them now so that's cool.

ummmm you can still call me todd because it's as real as any other internet name i've made. that's all i got for now. thanks

Playing a game. Chargen has no gender select. You pick from a range of faces that are a spectrum of masc-fem. Apply makeup or not, assign a masc or female voice... That's pretty neat.

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bi exclusion from queer spaces is real, folks. imagining that you can spot the bi people with your gaydar just provides cover for erasure

it looks like south australia, the last jurisdiction in the country to actually employ the 'gay panic' provocation defence at common law, is planning on getting rid of it! here's a report by the south australia law reform institute that has a section recommending reform to the doctrine:

the criminal law "gay panic" defence 

the "gay panic" defence is/was a defence to manslaughter or murder across many criminal jurisdictions. it applied to suggest that a defendant who was propositioned by a homosexual victim could be so overborne as to lose their self-control. the idea in law that this could vitiate liability speaks to the profoundly entrenched attitudes towards male pride and underlying fear of gay male sexuality. it's unfortunately still not a completely extinct doctrine.

Starting this tag that probably won’t get any traction but let’s hear it for #TransMascHotties

PSA for new users regarding rules 

Hey folks be sure to check the rules of the instance you're on, as they are all different.
Save admins some troubles, so they don't have to go around to do some checks and waste your time because you may have done something wrong without knowing (and no, not knowing the rules is not a valid excuse for doing wrong things)
Thanks for your time reading this and wish you a pleasant night/day!

if you think division by zero is unsatisfying check out summing up sine waves to get a square wave (any wave can be derived by summing up sine waves which btw is actually cool and useful and one of the few things I use calculus for)

the names we find for things do not
explain the things—they merely allow us to reference them

"being an introvert" doesn't explain a person's behavior. it's just a word we use to talk about it more concisely

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