Realizing the US is "the baddies" 

I realized this for the first time when I read a brief bio of Ho Chi Minh back in college. Part of a book this old hippie nontrad student gave me. This guy was clearly a freedom fighter. The "George Washington" of his country. Then I read Howard Zinn and read about the actual George Washington, realizing he wasn't even the George Washington of his own country

Realizing the US is "the baddies" 

It helps a ton to realize how colonialism works all over the world, and you come to realize the US is just practicing a more advanced, slightly veiled (although at times not that veiled) version of it.

But when they teach you about colonialism in school, if they do, it's treated as this thing that had some bad qualities and some good, but ultimately was inevitable. I can't think of anything less inevitable than holding the world at gunpoint


Realizing the US is "the baddies" 

@InternetEh the fundamental idea that maintains an empire is idea that it’s a benevolent structure that is beneficial for its subjects.

60+ years since the end of the British empire, 1/3 of people here still believe it was a “civilising force” throughout the world.

The US empire “brings democracy” to poor countries. Their friendly governments that trade in dollars, host airbases & give special deals to US companies do it because “free markets make them richer”.

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