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Friendly reminder to not ask me @glimpse questions because my employer stopped me contributing in February 2021. 🤦‍♂️

My current understanding is that the remaining contributors are focussed on Glimpse NX (the UI rewrite). The fork I created receives limited maintenance to fix showstoppers & security issues because the project does not have enough volunteer contributors to do both.

I am working on 0.3.0 privately, but there's no telling if or when I will be able to release it. 🤷‍♂️

UK politics / continued 2 

The SNP didn’t win a majority in Holyrood, but I think in their heads they’ve decided “meh, close enough!”

I definitely feel for unionists in Scotland. Westminster & big companies can’t make any long term plans or infrastructure improvements because they don’t know if the nation will still be in the UK by the end of this decade. 2014 was also supposed to be “one and done”.

On the upside they are still receiving bribes from England... I mean the Barnett formula! 😜

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UK politics / continued 

At this point the only suspense remaining is whether the SNP will win a majority in the Scottish assembly. If so, it'll be difficult for Boris Johnson to block a second independence referendum.

Truth be told, it's doubtful the SNP would win that vote even if it was granted. The fundamental questions haven't changed, and anger about Brexit is going to be significantly reduced now that we have a free trade deal in place with the EU.

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UK politics 

I guess the solace Labour can take is they've achieved their best ever result in the Welsh assembly elections. Everywhere else across the UK though, it's been a complete rout for them.

Unless the Tory party implodes of their own accord, I doubt they'll be troubling the government any time soon.

btw, if your website doesn't work properly with CSS disabled I am definitely judging you! 😜

You get a pass though if your CSS respects your visitors' choices about light and dark mode:

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The most underrated feature of Mozilla Firefox is View > Page Style > No Style.

As someone that has difficulty reading light text on a dark background due to astigmatism, being able to disable dark mode CSS themes at will makes navigating the modern web a lot more pleasant.

On my way back from voting, I saw a couple of adorable little foxes playing with each other on the side of a foot path 😍

When they saw me coming, one of them bolted away. The other one inexplicably thought that running towards me was the correct decision. 🤦‍♂️

I kept my distance as I walked past and stayed quiet, so all was fine. I think @Clipsey might be right about the intelligence level of these creatures. 😂

Bob’s eyesight - 

I now have an eye test scheduled, but because of COVID I’m going to be waiting until June for it 🤦‍♂️

The current state of my sight is that anything beyond 15m is blurry, and if I have to use software with a dark theme the text looks very smeary until I change it. It took until I was 30, but pretty sure I’m going to finally need glasses.

I suspect being stuck inside during national lockdowns was probably a factor in how fast my sight deteriorated.

My warm take opinion for today is that the most ethical smartphone you can buy is a pre-owned one.

If you're the second owner, you just halved the amount of exploitative labour, landfill space and carbon cost.

Better still if you're the third or fourth.

Slashdot: Keep up with yesterday's news on a website you can't believe still exists!

Reading peoples’ complaints about Mastodon’s UX in my home stream today makes me feel a little guilty that I threw my weight behind Glimpse in 2019 instead of sticking with Florence. 😔

On these occasions I usually reassure myself that there’s only one of me, I have finite spare time, and there’s no way I could have predicted that Glimpse would blow up the way it did after being used as outrage fuel by the online tech press. 😅

Stargate programmer joke 

$ git push origin -f
> Hallowed are the Ori!

UK politics / call to action 

Speaking of which, if you're resident in the UK make sure you vote tomorow!

Whether you're replacing a departed MP or choosing the people that manage your bin collections your vote matters.

Broadly speaking in England: The Tories limit council tax rises and cut spending, Labour usually go for bigger council tax rises and safeguard local services.

Check the situation in your area though, as smaller parties do actually control some councils.

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UK politics 

My prediction for tomorrow's local elections is that Labour will lose Hartlepool.

I don't think abstaining from most parliamentary votes and rehashing the "Tory sleaze" campaign from the '90s is going to yield the results they're hoping for. One would imagine it hasn't played all that well on the doorstep either.

I suspect delivering Brexit and a successful vaccination programme will probably drown out the Tories' slow response last year and recent accusations of cronyism.

Thought of the day / bonus 

Carrot juice is also orange juice.

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Thought of the day 

Technically your morning wakeup alarm is your theme song, because it plays at the start of every episode of your life.

Astronomy / out-of-control Chinese rocket 

In case you weren't sure how out-of-control it is, the huge used-up booster is literally tumbling towards the atmosphere on a decaying orbit.

Fortunately it's unmanned, but we haven't seen an uncontrolled entry like this since 1990. As I said in the previous toot, there's no telling where it'll land. The most likely outcome is it'll crash into the sea.

Someone captured footage:

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Astronomy / out-of-control Chinese rocket 

There's currently an out-of-control Chinese rocket that could land literally anywhere in the next week or so. It originally launched the hub of their new space station.

Track its trajectory here:

I suppose one of the benefits of spinning up my new account in the small hours of the morning is there is no inter-instance discourse I'm walking into. 😅

I've also discovered two new Twitch channels to follow, so that's cool.

Oh my god, the server lets me set a Windows 95 theme. I clearly chose wisely! 😍

On much happier topics, I'm looking forward to talking about the retro computing stuff I've been doing, and the fruit & veg I've been cultivating. 😎

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