Laying on a cutie's thighs watching Sense8 is a great time

Love being randomly shaky for no apparent reason

People who have a lot of gender labels are way better than society thinks they are!

You can shit post all you want but don't punch down.


"What's on your mind?"

The answer is girldick


if we call it eating a girl out when the girl has a vag, can we call it eating a girl in when she's got a megaclit?

sarcasm, migraines 

Controversial opinion, but: migraines are awful and the world would be a better place if they did not exist

I really don't know what to post on here 😕 but I want to start using it more

I think it's cool how you can just say "girls" and immediately get all the lesbians' attention

I met my partner's family today so I guess this is serious

world hard and cold...
titty soft and warm.....

Ahistorical TERF nonsense 

So apparently twitter exclusionists have evolved from "butches used he/him pronouns only for survival" to "lesbians were only butch for survival" levels of ahistorical TERF nonsense.

Just... what

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