@mxsiege I’m gonna take it apart and try straightening the sheet metal by using a flat board as an anvil and a large wooden mallet. Have a replacement for the crushed motor arriving soon. I’m hoping the internal stuff in the cabinet is mostly ok.

@TrannyOakley so was it like a collision that made the damage? I was looking at it thinking ive seen that sort of issue a lot in various spaces but never known what caused it.

@TrannyOakley huh i never thought of it like that but looking at the sheet metal yeah that totally makes sense why it would and i can totally see that in the shapes its cast

@TrannyOakley I see so many faces in that plug thing and they’re the cutest shambling abomination ever

@TrannyOakley@queer.party notices what look like windows along the top and engages help desk humor

It looks like percussive maintenance has already been attempted. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

I'll show myself out now.

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