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I'm so stressed. I need to come up with at least $300 by the end of the month, but my next paycheck isn't until next month. I'm kinda panicking about it, tbh. Anyone need a web developer or a porn actress for some quick work?

did you hear they put games on there. and picture of kitten

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ugh dude how am i supposed to focus on work when the whole internet is Right There

Can anyone spare $50 for my medication? I can't function without it, and I need to pick it up today. Please boost or send help, my Venmo is tsbarnes and my PayPal is

Anyone* wanna donate before disability month is over? (Or admit you have a crush on me?)

I'm saving up for a new keyboard that would be a lot nicer on my hands for programming than what I currently have. I haven't been able to dedicate time to my projects in months because typing on my laptop wears me out way too quickly.

I'm fully aware this is not at all important and your money is better put towards something like #MutualAid but even a little bit is appreciated. Unfortunately tech is expensive and I can only scrape away a little bit every month.

Boosts are appreciated too.

*people who haven't already done so!

I need more friends. I lost most of them when I transitioned, which isn't all bad because the real friends stuck by me, but I miss having more friends


I saw a porn video a few years ago where this girl smoked a joint and just waited with her mouth open until this dude blew his load on her tongue, then she swallowed it, burped, and laughed

and honestly, goals

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god I want someone to cum in my mouth

specifically, I want to sit with my mouth open while someone just unloads all over my tongue

Can anyone spare $15 for basic necessities (diapers, toilet paper)? I'm broke and we're running out of things, so if you can spare anything to help I'd really appreciate it ❤

Venmo: tsbarnes
CashApp: $TGirlEvie

They finally installed my fiber internet at my new place! No more crappy data-capped hotspots, yay!

i kno theres probly some evil drug war intentions behind it but its also pretty funny cops are havana syndroming themselves into the backs of ambulances cuz they picked up a dollar with some dust on it and thought it was fentanyl

Can anyone spare $30 for diapers for my little boy?
Venmo: tsbarnes
CashApp: $TGirlEvie

some cool software praxis would be to make more creative tools for mobile that don't suck

like. an antiprofit image collage app wouldnt need to add a watermark to images. it would just be a good collage app

Help y'all, if I can't get $135 by the 15th my phone and internet will be cut off, which would prevent me from working 😕😕😕

If you can spare any cash to help, please do! And if not, share this so it can reach someone who can!

Venmo: tsbarnes

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