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The grossest part of the anti sex work mindset is that it's based entirely in the infantilization of women. That's why they feel the need to speak over actual sex workers, they don't believe women have the autonomy to consent to it. The pervasiveness of misogyny is terrifying sometimes.

I'm worried y'all, I don't know how I'm going to make ends meet after this month, my current contract is ending and they're talking about hiring me on full-time, but it would probably be at least 6 months. It's a really promising job, but I don't know what I'm going to do in the meantime. Any help or suggestions anyone can offer would be appreciated!

Venmo: tsbarnes
CashApp: $TGirlEvie

I still need $90 to pay my phone/internet bill so I can continue working! Please share and send money if you can, anything you can spare will help a lot!

Venmo: tsbarnes
CashApp: $TGirlEvie

I still need $90 more, thank you so much to anyone sharing or sending help <3

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Please help! I need $125 by the 15th to keep my phone and internet on so I can work, if y'all could share this and send money if you can afford it, please do!

Venmo: tsbarnes
CashApp: $TGirlEvie

Can anyone spare some money for basic necessities? Thanks to a debt collector coming after my partner, my bank account is negative, so anything you can spare would help more than I can express.

Please share and send help if you can!

Venmo: tsbarnes

cool xenia facts: estrogen contains nanobots that download man pages into yr brain that's why trans girls are so good at computer

So the homeowner's association where I used to live garnished our savings, now that account in negative almost five thousand, how is that even legal?


been getting dick pics and cumshot vids from guys online (not unsolicited, thankfully) and it's been really hot <3

angry atheists be like "bitch, i swear to science,"
you're in her DMs
i'm also in her DMs
we are polyamorous

Okay, so my boss was able to pay me early! That's such a relief.

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I owe a medical debt collector $100 by Tuesday or face possible jail time, and I live far enough south that I'd be thrown in a men's jail 😭

If anyone can help, my Venmo is tsbarnes, my CashApp is $TGirlEvie, and my PayPal is

Y'all, I made it into my new home. My girlfriend's parents are absolutely amazing for helping us, without them we'd have been homeless.

Meanwhile, my parents literally just emailed me some homeless shelter websites and told me to "figure it out".

I'm so glad for found family ❤

Shit, I'd almost forgotten about Megazeux until I saw a YouTube video about it earlier, I loved Megazeux. Made several games for it, released as "Through It Software" lol

Y'all, I need your help, I have to move on the 29th and I can't physically load the truck myself. I have about $250 to put towards help for it, but professional movers would cost $380 for 2 hours. If you can help with money my Venmo is tsbarnes or if you happen to live near Ladysmith, VA and want to physically help, DM me!

Wow, so even with it pushed back a lot, my deadline for work is the 27th and my moving date is 29th. This is going to be an incredibly stressful week.

clout, clout
let it all out
these are accounts i can do without
come on
im softblocking you
come on

family, trans stuff 

They've basically disowned me, all because my mom can't deal with me not being a boy.

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