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queer issues, family 

I still can't believe my parents let my sister move back in with them, but they were going to just send me to a shelter. I've always known she was the favorite, but after I came out it was like they'd rather I be dead.

complicated emotions, relationships, polyam 

I genuinely feel like I'm a third wheel in my relationship. My partners both clearly prefer each other, and I'm often left out.

I think part of it is that I'm feeling too controlled anyway, I'm not allowed to date outside the thruple and I really want to.

I don't often feel jealousy, so I don't really know how to process this. I just figured I'd shout it into the void in the hopes the void will respond.

I switched from to Manjaro because quite frankly I love KDE. Still wish Kontact was as nice as Evolution though.

I need ideas for what to do with, I got it recently and I'm not sure what I want for the site.

It still blows my mind that I'll be living in a new place in two weeks.

I feel weirdly at peace right now. I met the guy who bought my house out from under me day before yesterday. He was surprisingly nice, and offered to give us time so we can finish moving to our new place. We've already packed a lot of stuff and my partners are at the new house right now fixing it up. It was a miracle we found a place, considering my parents have basically disowned me for being trans. But right now, it feels good. I'm ready to leave this place behind, start a new adventure.

more horny 

I'm distracted by how bad I want cum. I'm trying to work but I keep just thinking about how much I wish someone would send me a cum video or something, god I wish I could swallow a huge load right now

horny, like really horny 

I need to swallow cum so fucking bad. My girlfriend doesn't ejaculate anymore so I'm dying for some jizz in my mouth, I wish I had someone to suck off right now.


God I'm so frustrated, I just want to give and/or get a blowjob so fucking bad

I feel crushed by the weight of losing my home. I'm lost. I've tried so hard to play the capitalist game well enough to survive, but I hate it. I loathe capitalism with the fire of a thousand suns.

My broke, now I'm depressed. I can barely sit up. I just wish I was dead. Everything feels broken. I'm garbage.

Are you:

So after using since the pre-1.0 days, I think I'm finally dropping it entirely. The core developers' war against customization has gone too far, GNOME has become the Apple of open source. I'm not a fan of the walled-garden approach, and the push for everything to use is too much.

Everything fucking sucks. Transphobia is rising in the US, and even in my area. I'm losing my home in two weeks and I still don't know where I'll end up. The contract I'm on is over soon and I'm not sure if or when it'll provide more work. I just want to give up sometimes.

the cishets finally nailed it. fucking my wife is what turned me into a femboy

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