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The silver lining is that as trans kids are being able to come out earlier, we'll see less and less of that.

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It's scary how common "woke leftist trans person who used to be a Nazi when they were still in the closet" is, though I understand why it's so common. Living in the closet does things to you. You grow idolizing people who get to live as your true gender, but that idolization can get twisted into jealousy. You start to hate people who get to live as your real gender, because why should they get to and you don't? That kind of jealousy leads to all sorts of toxic shit.

poverty, homelessness 

kinda freaking out, I lose my home in a little over two weeks and I won't get my student aid until after that

sexual assault 

My partner just told me she was molested by an older man when she was a kid. She'd never told anyone before now. She can't remember who the man was, she thinks possibly the principal of the Christian school she went to.

My girlfriend just took the last of one of her seizure meds, we still need $80 to get more, please help!

My girlfriend needs her medication for her seizures again, and we're broke until the middle of September, if you can spare $80 (or even just a few dollars towards it) I'd really appreciate it

broke: making my gender identity a big deal
woke: making the fact that I use KDE a big deal

note that I'm not mentioning as a flex, it's just the best way to always have the latest without the problem of all the other software being outdated (like with Neon)

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Sometimes I go use my computer with , or my kid's computer with 10, and I'm reminded how much I love on

Anyone interested in helping me with a Mastodon app? I'm still a little new to KDE app development, but I'm using Kirigami.

My college classes start in less than a week! I'm super excited, but also scared. I'm taking five classes, which is a lot for me.

Still contemplating making a Kirigami app for Mastodon, but I'm still learning QML so I don't know how long it'll take lol

One of the things I love about is Breeze. KDE is the only desktop environment I'm ever used that I actually like the default theme.

can anyone help me out with my phone bill? It's due tomorrow and I only need $120 total, so any little bit helps.

can anyone help me out with my phone bill? It's due tomorrow and I only need $120 total, so any little bit helps.




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