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note that I'm not mentioning as a flex, it's just the best way to always have the latest without the problem of all the other software being outdated (like with Neon)

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Sometimes I go use my computer with , or my kid's computer with 10, and I'm reminded how much I love on

Anyone interested in helping me with a Mastodon app? I'm still a little new to KDE app development, but I'm using Kirigami.

My college classes start in less than a week! I'm super excited, but also scared. I'm taking five classes, which is a lot for me.

Still contemplating making a Kirigami app for Mastodon, but I'm still learning QML so I don't know how long it'll take lol

One of the things I love about is Breeze. KDE is the only desktop environment I'm ever used that I actually like the default theme.

can anyone help me out with my phone bill? It's due tomorrow and I only need $120 total, so any little bit helps.

can anyone help me out with my phone bill? It's due tomorrow and I only need $120 total, so any little bit helps.




No promises, but I'm considering making a modern Mastodon client for KDE using Kirigami

Why are there so few good social apps for ? There's basically just Choqok, which is a resource hog and buggy on top of it. KDE needs a good Mastodon client.

Electron is a fantastic way for venture-funded corporations to reduce their software’s functionality by half and increase its memory footprint by 250%

Has anyone got @telephant working on Arch Linux right now? The build fails when I try to install it and I'm not well-versed enough in Go to figure out why.

I just applied for a job at Mozilla, wish me luck!

I just switched back to after using for several months, and why did no one tell me the JetBrains IDEs support the KDE global menu?


It's been two days since my partner tried to kill herself, and I haven't heard anything from her or the hospital since then. I'm extremely worried.

I still need donations to save my home! If you can spare anything, please donate; I only have until the 13th before the amount goes up.


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