I switched from to Manjaro because quite frankly I love KDE. Still wish Kontact was as nice as Evolution though.

So I really thought my next open source project would be a app, but as it turns out, it's a app for the Waveshare e-paper displays.

note that I'm not mentioning as a flex, it's just the best way to always have the latest without the problem of all the other software being outdated (like with Neon)

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Sometimes I go use my computer with , or my kid's computer with 10, and I'm reminded how much I love on

Anyone interested in helping me with a Mastodon app? I'm still a little new to KDE app development, but I'm using Kirigami.

One of the things I love about is Breeze. KDE is the only desktop environment I'm ever used that I actually like the default theme.

Why are there so few good social apps for ? There's basically just Choqok, which is a resource hog and buggy on top of it. KDE needs a good Mastodon client.

I just switched back to after using for several months, and why did no one tell me the JetBrains IDEs support the KDE global menu?

You know, I've used both and quite a bit, and I find myself always going back to GNOME, and I think it comes down to "GTK+ is a better toolkit than Qt". Some of that comes from my preference for free software, but GTK+ is also just better looking and less visually glitchy than Qt in my experience. The weird thing is, my ideal desktop would be KDE Plasma rewritten to use GTK+ instead of Qt, with mostly KDE apps (except KDE PIM, Kmail is... not good).

Why is it that has better, less buggy apps, but has a better, less buggy desktop?

It blows my mind that only has Kmail, despite the fact that Kmail is one of the most user-hostile apps I've ever used

I need inspiration, I haven't made a theme in a while. I also have to decide if it'll be a or theme (*maybe* both, if I'm feeling ambitious)

oh my dear sweet Goddess, 5.21 fixes the long-standing bug where some system tray icons would disappear when you changed icon themes

I'm now dual-booting and on my laptop, so I can develop apps and themes for both and , I'm pretty excited

I'm back on neon, after having spent this past couple weeks in 33.

Fedora (with GNOME) was a fun distraction, but I definitely missed KDE.

Anyone got any suggestions for a good app to contribute to for someone who only recently moved from GNOME?

Anyone got any good guides on developing for (especially Plasma widgets)?

So I've kinda fallen in love with after over two decades of being a person

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