So after using since the pre-1.0 days, I think I'm finally dropping it entirely. The core developers' war against customization has gone too far, GNOME has become the Apple of open source. I'm not a fan of the walled-garden approach, and the push for everything to use is too much.

Hey, I'm working on a app to configure GRUB, and I could use some help with the UI. Anyone out there good with or GNOME Builder's UI Designer and want to help me make this?

Sometimes I go use my computer with , or my kid's computer with 10, and I'm reminded how much I love on

I just switched back to after using for several months, and why did no one tell me the JetBrains IDEs support the KDE global menu?

, I love you, but why did I have to hack the source code for libadwaita to get GNOME To Do to respect my theme? That's incredibly user-hostile.

You know, I've used both and quite a bit, and I find myself always going back to GNOME, and I think it comes down to "GTK+ is a better toolkit than Qt". Some of that comes from my preference for free software, but GTK+ is also just better looking and less visually glitchy than Qt in my experience. The weird thing is, my ideal desktop would be KDE Plasma rewritten to use GTK+ instead of Qt, with mostly KDE apps (except KDE PIM, Kmail is... not good).

Why is it that has better, less buggy apps, but has a better, less buggy desktop?

I need inspiration, I haven't made a theme in a while. I also have to decide if it'll be a or theme (*maybe* both, if I'm feeling ambitious)

I'm now dual-booting and on my laptop, so I can develop apps and themes for both and , I'm pretty excited

So I've kinda fallen in love with after over two decades of being a person

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