Having with psychotic features is weird. When I'm manic I "break the fourth wall" a lot, speaking directly to my "audience" as if my real life is a stage play.

So my big project at work soft launched yesterday, which means soon I'll be making more money. I'm excited, in a few months I may not need food stamps anymore!

there are not enough chubby femboys! Give me a femboy and make then SOFT

This is what I got on my autism assessment

Funny levels: high
Cute levels: high
Socialising in any way: queen I want to say high but

My insurance refuses to cover my estradiol and I have no money to pay out of pocket. It's only $25 but that's more than I have. I wish the insurance would just cover it.

i hate to ask after people literally just sent me money, but could anyone front me $30 for my meds?

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest

I finally got my SNAP benefits corrected! The transphobic case worker had lied about my income, but my boss called and verified my income with that case worker's boss 😄

Manjaro finally got Plasma 5.25 in testing! It's awesome, I love the new floating panels

I genuinely don't know how I'm going to survive the next few months. The startup I work for is only able to pay me $300 a month and my transphobic food stamps worker lied about my income so I'm only getting about $300 in food stamps too.

Can anyone spare $30 for my estrogen? Medicaid is refusing to cover it, and I'm broke

intense transphobia, poverty 

This fucking sucks. My transphobic SNAP case worker is withholding my benefits for as long as she can, she deadnames and misgenders me constantly, both to me and to my workplace (which is super fucked up because I've literally lost jobs when they found out I was trans). So I have no idea when I'll be able to afford food again, all because that bigoted woman is trying to starve me and my family to death.

every DAY I go to work, and for what? to fund my landlord's lifestyle??

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21st Century Breakdown is such a good album that I almost named myself Gloria

in ffxiv 7.0 theyre releasing a new healer called therapist

Just finished setting up on my 2008 EeePC 1000H, I'm really impressed with how fast it is on such an old machine

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