I remember back when I'd have to use alien to convert rpms to debs for my Debian install, now I'm wondering if alien is still around to do the opposite.

Anyone here on diaspora*? I'm looking for people to follow

Fun Fact: The musical scores for The Shining and Tron were both composed by an openly transgender woman.

Her name is Wendy Carlos. She was a pioneer in electronic music. She also composed the score for A Clockwork Orange but she was stealth at the time.

Anyone got any suggestions for a good app to contribute to for someone who only recently moved from GNOME?

good morning i hope no one was a piece of shit while i was asleep

anyway in normal twitter news the main character of twitter today is some dad who posted about how he tried to get his 9 year old to learn how to use a can opener by herself which he watched her struggle with for 6 hours

Remember: you existing is enough of a new year's resolution. You being here is enough. I'm glad you're here.

Anyone wanna friend me on diaspora*? https://diaspora.pnw.gay/people/9123aa901d46013962144a64ac150ab1

My fundraiser hit the goal, now I can keep my internet on another month at least! I had my interview, too. I should hear back from them after the New Year <3

I just wanted to thank everyone who's boosting this, and to add that if you're not cool with GoFundMe, I also have a LiberaPay: liberapay.com/tsbarnes/

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Please boost and share!

I have a job interview today for a fully remote programming position, but my ISP is threatening to cut off my internet in 6 days if I can't pay them. I need help!


I did well in my interview, one more code interview to go!

I have a phone interview for a job later today, wish me luck

periodic reminder that its not possible to be racist towards white people, but dont let that stop you from trying

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