notice how capitalism is demanding you turn yourself into a brand then alter that brand to appeal to more people so that you can more effectively sell yourself

yeah don't do that

make yourself unpalatable, i say. if capitalism is gonna try to consume us all you should at least put a bad taste in its mouth

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i hate how people are like: "oh you have enthusiasm for x, you should turn that passion into a soulless grind in an attempt to profit from it"

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@ThatWallflower This is very well put!

I have had similar thoughts for awhile but I couldn't find succinct words for them like yours.

@ThatWallflower what if doing that is the only thing I'm good at though?

@ThatWallflower It's like prostitution, except that the rich can exploit this kind. That's why sexual prostitution is demonized by capitalists & other authoritarians.

It's easier to control someone's identity than it is to control their body. People don't fight back as much on the former because let's face it: Identity is a mess. The more we learn and adapt to our surroundings, the more we grow, and our identities change to reflect that.

@ThatWallflower And just to be clear, there's no issue with either kind of prostitution. The issue comes when people do it for someone else, not themselves.

@ThatWallflower as an artist who isn’t yet doing jobs, im rlly nervous about how the capitalist system could effect my art and my “”personal brand™”/social media presence :/

@miiiwu i'm no artist, but i gather this is something artists often struggle with.

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