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transphobic harassment etc Show more

that's the first time i've actually even thought about blocking someone on here.

and in fact i am thinking maybe i should delete the post that blew up as its now a lightning rod for those miserable excuses for human beings

if anyone knows the admins please do ask why anyone from that gross bigot-filled instance is even able to toot at me.

hey @maffsie what's going on? apparently is not blocking the notoriously-full-of-bigoted-nazi-harassers freespeechextremist instance? doesn't seem like is very safe for queer people to be on.

i would suggest that if the response to this is not satisfactory or particularly quick, that queer people avoid like the plague.

@ThatWallflower weird. id rec requesting that from the admin and blocking it yourself. they're.... a bunch of goddamned edgelords

@ThatWallflower On a lot of instances will get you whoever runs the instance.

@ThatWallflower just FYI some chud instances ignore delete messages, and even normal instances will still often let you reply to deleted messages due to the nature of federation. it'll probably help but only probably.
@ThatWallflower consult your instance admin or consider switching instances imo if they're unresponsive. even has that one blocked.

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@ThatWallflower Hi! Sorry about that - this isn’t an intentional decision; i’ve been going through a very stressful time and haven’t had much to myself outside of work. I’ll review this shortly, sorry!

@maffsie i can understand that. but my trust in is kinda shaken by this. it's not like people aren't very very aware of that other instance and the slime who use it. you can't expect queer people to use your instance if this is a thing that is gonna happen to us here. we left birdsite specifically because they would not act on this kind of thing.

@ThatWallflower The instance in question has been defederated and suspended - I genuinely was unaware of the instance else I would have suspended it immediately. My apologies that I wasn’t as proactive as normal here :(

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