The thing about 'not all men' is it's something men bark at people who are lashing out at the group that's hurting them. Trying to separate themselves and remove any affiliation.

All it does is tell those people to shut up while doing nothing to change the structures that allow toxic masculinity to continue that original victimisation. Step in and tell fellow men to stop, that it's not ok, instead of telling people, especially women, you're not like the others so how dare we get angry about it.

If I'm annoyed because of the ill behaviour of numerous men in a way that's something I have been subjected to for years upon years, you going 'well that's unfair, I'M not like that' does nothing, you've just made it about you when, if you're not like that, it's not about you in the first place.

It's like insisting you get a cookie for not being a dickhead.

Officially in love with this post. You have absolutely nailed jt here.

@AudreyJune it annoys me so much. The amount of harassment men dish out, around other men, and no one steps in. No one has a word with a mate going too far, it's always excuses and it's 'oh he's just a bit forward' but you make a remark about men? Boy are they there to make sure you know they're innocent 😬

@sophia @AudreyJune the worst thing is being a woman around men who see you as one of them and thus spew forth all the same crap they say when no women are present. it is gross

@ThatWallflower @AudreyJune never fails to make me cringe when I end up hearing some of it. That said just the things they'll say directly when they think they have some situational upper hand.. *shudders*

@ThatWallflower this is so relatable & it's always bothered the shit outta me! the way men compartmentalize their garbage so they can ~act~ decent around women is creepy af.... it's kinda too much to unpack

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