nobody is boosting my posts the moment i post em. have i been friggin ❌ SHADOWBANNED ❌

I didn't have a gender reveal, i had a Gender Bash, which is where i bashed the shit out of anyone who gendered me

Please stop changing your profile pictures. I don't know who anyone is anymore. I followed a guy who was a frog and he doesn't exist anymore and I'm sad

if you're concerned you can't draw something, just write the word for whatever it is on the drawing so there's no doubt. a lot of my drawings have 'hands' and 'nice smile didn't mean to make it creepy it's nice' written on them

Shed yourself like a cocoon, become something entirely new

about autism, is that supposed to be a CW? 

don't trust anyone who refers to themselves as a:
- "taxpayer"
- "patriot"
- "gamer"
- "garfield"

nonbinary alliance against assholes who try to push us into binaries

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