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Long #Introduction #Transition #Story #Thread 

So, I guess it’s time for one of those posts. There's a lot to go over (my career, my politics, gaming, music...) but I’m just going to go over my in hopes that someone might read this and not make the same mistakes as me.

So i'm updating dates on a bunch of SQL queries at work today. And I cant resist updating the formatting while i'm at it to make it more easier to read. My name is Tara and I write pretty code. I have code OCD...

Being lesbians is fun because life is filled with mystery.
Is she gay? Is she into me or just being nice? Are we dating? What does it mean that she said she wants to get a dog and move in together? Why is she proposing? I wonder if she likes me.

If yer stoned and you know it, sit on the couch and eat munchies

Pics of me, kinda a meme idk I’m so vain 

You vs that dyke she told you not to worry about

Excited / Scared / Freaking Out 

So today, I decided to pull the trigger on a new job offer to get my ass back in the game industry!!! The pay is basically the same and the benefits are terrible, and I have to move to a new city, but hey the things we do for love rite?

I have terrible credit, a landlord who is telling lies about how I left the apartment, and somehow an eviction on our record that's a mystery. So now comes the fun part of finding a place to live...

From hellsite 

*extremely jack voice* p-please be nice on my platform uwu (;人;) don't dehumanise anyone

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Nazi's, Tattoos 

About 15 years ago there was a poor confused transgirl. She was in so much denial she strived to do the manliest things ever to prove how much of a man she was. So she decided to get an anti-nazi tattoo out of a friends apartment from a friend of a friend. Unfortunately the artist misunderstood and then tried to fix later.

The first pic is what resulted from that night, the second pic is the result of tonight's 3 hours of tattoo work by an actual professional.

ok what the FUCK is up. BOOST this toot if u ever breathed

boost if u see ur kink: 

-girls (slime)
-just really sucking a lot of dick
-enbies (dragon)
-just kinda getting beat up
-dinosaur cock
- :lumbcoin:

No one will know which!

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