For those of you who insist on using the phrase “opposite gender”, please note that the opposite of a woman is not a man, but rather an anti-woman.

If gender and anti-gender come into contact, they annihilate in an explosive release of energy.

Gender theorists have long since predicted the existence of anti-gender particles, and experimental evidence, particularly XXX-ray observations, indicates they existed in great quantities in the early universe.

However, while theorists consider the problem solved, gender experimentalists continue to have difficulty synthesising (let alone containing) anti-gender material.

Practical anti-gender technology remains, as ever, twenty years away.

One popular explanation, considered a step towards a unification of the (currently incompatible) theories of gender and sexuality, is that the conspicuous absence of anti-gender particles is related to the similar absence of top quarks (the great top shortage).

As an aside, it is thought that the great top shortage is due to rapid, strong interactions; most models speculate that in the absence of strong interactions within a sufficient timescale, tops will decay to power bottoms, or occasionally become a bit strange.

Whatever the true explanation, observations since the discovery of quantum gender theory have consistently shown an inexplicable shortage of tops relative to bottoms.

Like the gender asymmetry problems the great top shortage remains unexplained, largely because nobody can find sufficient tops to conduct a proper study.

The proper relation of male to female is a 90° rotation on the complex plane. That's why the axes are (x,y), duh.

That's only for modelling your most vanilla genders. For the fun stuff we need to start talking about quaternion and octonion numbering systems.

@jacethechicken @SthenoKlimt "Not only am I non-binary, you're gonna need at least a 4th-dimensional Riemannian MANifold."

@SthenoKlimt There are also the surprisingly dense Dark Genders, but we don't really know what they, like,..... dooooooo. :thounking:

@SthenoKlimt But throw them both into a tube accompanied by fancy moving rave lights and you gain the power of faster than light propulsion. ^-^

@SthenoKlimt I feel like you missed a chance to correct a common error also; many people are actually talking about "ante-woman", which is the state of being a transwoman who doesn't know it yet.

@SthenoKlimt I've been to some of those meetings! Unfortunately it was all negative energy and no positive project outcomes 😩

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