Guess this is a good time to actually post an here for once, huh?

Hi! I make video games (for "fun") and write IT security/PKI software (to pay the bills).
Also, I'm and (trans rights, while we're at it).

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video game violence 

Some things I've done in the past:

"Combat Medic", for 2018:

Takes the classic first person shooter gameplay but turns it around by making it the player's responsibility to treat injuries.
Super janky and way out of scope for something like 7DFPS. Still very happy with it and wishing I had the time to make a full game out of the idea.

video game violence 

"Gun to a Knife Fight", 7DFPS 2020:

A silly game about fighting enemies with guns by throwing knives at them. Honestly underrated for how much fun it is.

video game violence 

"Wings", 7DFPS 2021 (there might be a pattern here):

A first person shooter but you can fly. My first try at player movement that isn't walking on the ground, and I'm genuinely very happy with how it turned out.
(Also way out of scope for 7DFPS again, though I knew that before going in this time.)

And my most recent project is a social media bot posting PDA messages from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. video games: @stalker_txt

video game violence 

@Ry really cool idea! nicee

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