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I left my Discord tag in my bio for a reason.

If we're moots you can add me as a friend on there if you want.

Just... let me know first before you send a request. Otherwise I might think you're suspicious.

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That ableist movie Sia did 

In Music, there's a scene where the title character, who has autism, has an episode and her caretakers have the BRIGHT idea of holding her down onto the floor, calling it "crushing you with our love".

However, that maneuver is actually DANGEROUS to a lot of autistic people, so, following backlash, it was announced this part would be removed in future releases. Future releases came, and the scene was STILL THERE. UNCHANGED.

You see, they just didn't care.

Hope I get the job

Then I'll be official GAY-MER girl

I should know if I got the job within the next two weeks or so.

At least now this planned trip I have next weekend won't get in the way.

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The heart bubble represents me seeing/thinking about girls UwU

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Lewd-ish shitpost 

Someone who says "I'm not a furry, BUT..."

Is a furry in denial. They TOTALLY wanna fuck the anthro character onscreen.

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Simping shitpost 

And thus, millions of furries were born on that day.

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The Every Lesbian bot is such a mood

That stuff makes me feel cute and valid UwU

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VHS noise makes me feel oddly cozy for some reason


The cat ears, collar, and tail all stay ON during sex.

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