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Possible innuendo 

"You're being a little too rough."

"Oh, am I? I'll be more gentle once we're alone."

-More gayness from Haruka and Michiru

Lewd shitpost; kinda horny 

Oh why yes of course I'd LOVE A Non-Stop Orgy thank you

This cost David Naughton his stint in Dr. Pepper commercials.

Light vent 

Three more days and I gotta go back to school... 😔

At least now I know for a fact that it wasn't nothing but typical shonen and/or slice of life shit lmao

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VERY horny 

Pls tie me up to the bed and fondle the shit out of me so I can't resist it~

Then fuck me really hard (preferably by riding my girlydick; I LOVE the cowgirl position)~

Having the Three Lights perform with Michiru is like having Thom Yorke perform with BTS.

Lewd; pretty horny (I should stop lol) 

Now that I'm feeling... SLIGHTLY better...

Wish I could go to a strip club after that movie.

And not a super sleazy one either. One that can cater to sapphics like me~

Stripping's my biggest turn-on after all~ UwU


Please somebody comfort me right now

Lewd shitpost 

Paul Verhoeven stop trying to make me horny challenge (he did this when I watched Basic Instinct last year too)

I've been too horny for my own good lately haven't I lol

Lewd (not horny; kind of a shitpost?) 

The owner of the strip club in this movie is a sleazeball. And the "women can't get lapdances" rule is shit.

If I was in this part of the movie I'd open up a rival club and make it a lesbian-only joint out of spite.

Showgirls is actually one degree of separation from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

They both referenced Prince's Gold Experience album somehow (that's a damn good album BTW go listen to it).

BTW, this is from the same director as Robocop and Total Recall.

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Partial nudity 

Had to upload this from my phone. AGAIN.

Hoping I don't have to do this a third time this week.

Anyway here's the only NC-17 rated movie to get a wide theatrical release; the film equivalent of going horny on main.

Lewd (but not horny post) 

The movie I have planned for tonight is very lewd, but nonetheless a cult classic (in a way)

Something tells me the reason why it did better on VHS than in theaters is because it was fap material for some people

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