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NSFW; PornHub; light vent? 

Y'know I actually did once upload a video onto PornHub one time (it was a try not to fap hentai challenge FYI).

I half regret doing it now. On one hand, it got like 2K views and has a pretty good like ratio.

But on the other hand...
1. Didn't we find out PornHub is a VERY scummy company?
2. The version of me that uploaded that video back then is dead to me now.

This is said to be the most expensive piece of shit ever made.

This screen cap has been modified from its original version. It has been formatted to fit your screen.

(It's cropped slightly because of that VLC experiment I mentioned last night)

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Now accepting Christmas movie suggestions.

I do have another series planned once I'm done with the Pirates movies, so it'll be awhile before I get to them should y'all suggest any Christmas movies to me.

Experiment: mess with VLC crop and aspect ratio settings in order to simulate this fucking shit.

I used to love it a lot, but I actually kinda have a love/hate relationship with anime now.

It's for several reasons, but I blame the cursed community on birdsite (well it could almost be anywhere but birdsite ESPECIALLY) for much of this.

Good Lord they get under my skin sometimes.

Light lewd (joke tho) 

Me: *gets into disturbingly deep analysis as to why Halloween III is such a great movie and deserves more love*

Also me: "Tiddy good"

Part 2!

I think I had a Game of Life set based on this particular entry. Didn't really play it that often tho.


I'm officially done for the semester!

My day has been nothing but exams and watching VHS openings (y'know, those previews you get before the movie starts).


For real tho I wanna be a whore for a hot dommy girl so bad... 😳

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I wanna wear a pair of underwear that says "RAM ME HERE" on the back.

Mainly for a potential partner so I can tease them by shaking my ass while wearing it~

You don't respect basic human rights?

God you're pathetic.

HARD vent 

I feel like it's practically impossible for me to find friends or (ESPECIALLY) love.

I'm very awkward, and often when I DO find love, I end up making some terrible decision that makes the potential partner hate me for whatever reason.

It's been like that for years now.

No wonder I don't DM much. I feel that I'll just come off as a pest that shouldn't be getting involved in other people's business.

I'm simply SCARED to, fearing I'll inevitably make people hate me.

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