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Heya! I'm Riley.
I was originally on another instance, but due to a bunch of technical problems on their end, I decided to move here!

So lemme introduce myself. I'm 21 y/o, non-binary, pan, autistic, and really into film. I'll often post what movies I'm watching here.

I welcome replies and DMs, but be warned that I can be awkward when chatting with people. And while I'm comfortable talking about and sharing NSFW stuff, please be 18 if you decide to do that with me.

"Have a good time! Dance! Be gay! Now off you go! You're on your way!"
~Fairy Godmother, 1950

Version of Cinderella where she's a lesbian when?

Don't worry, this is the last Disney Animated Canon movie I'm doing for a GOOD while.

I haven't played the game unfortunately
I don't have a PS4

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Other people: *argues over whether or not Last of Us II is good*


Slight vent 

Can any cute girls give me cuddles?


As expected. Who'd get with an asshole like me anyway?

Lewd word 

Depending on how you say the word "pussy", I can actually gauge how I think of you as a person. I'll either love you or find you disgusting.

Considering doing a thread of my cartoon opinions.

Inspired by a MASSIVE thread I found on bird site (I lurk on there).

You may roast me for some of them,

One more week until October, which means one more week until I'm dropping everything and only doing horror movies for a whole month

ACTUAL lewd fantasizing 

It's tired and horny hours...

Grandis from Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water can go get the strap OMG

Non-lewd fantasizing 

So there's an anime I just discovered called Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure

It's basically an Evangelion rip-off, but the male protagonist has to wear a plugsuit that genderbends him to pilot the mecha.

Embarrassing for him, but wish fulfillment if it was me in his place instead. 🥺

Here's a fun game: it's called "Choose a random retro arcade game and see if my kitten bats at the player character"

MTV Video Mods, but instead of 2000s era pop punk, they just do the Dunkaccino rap

Been building up a ROM collection lately
It mainly focuses on games with multiplayer, which I may or may not wanna use to experiment with Netplay... 😳😳

I'd have said "Mel Gibson Rooster" for this toot, but that isn't really funny anymore because... y'know.

Oh well, at least the planned sequel will recast him in favor of someone else.

School's anime club got fucked and now I'm sad

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