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Why the fuck is CBN on?! No one in the hotel room has any interest in it and the my mom and sister are asleep so I can't disturb them, but I can't go to sleep with "good old fashioned values" and "weapons of cash destruction" are being said on the TV

Trump has done nothing but promote racial divisions while enriching his fellow elites; leaving tens of thousands to die from disease, poverty, or on the front-lines of endless wars. No wonder he's attacking movements that are organizing for grassroots change as "anti-American."

fsr i really like those videos where folks just go out in public and play their instruments it just :) makes me smile

Word of the day: LEUK (19th century Scots) - to be in the open air after being confined inside

(Image: Daderot.)

one thing english does have going for it is the amazing proportion of perfectly normal sentences that make absolutely no sense

yeah? i'm a medievalist. i've read so much medieval fantasy you wouldn't believe. i know all about sculleries and sneaking a sweet roll from the kitchen in the castle.

@selontheweb "no you see it's ok, the people love him because he, uhhhhh isn't as bad as he could be"

@LuigiEsq i love that they're always like "the good noble" or the "gentle king" like lmao god told your dad to slaughter people he's not that cool

stop making main characters some kind of aristocrat. i have literally zero sympathy for some landlord bitch who got kicked out of his lucrative exploitation gig by a more cartoonishly evil landlord bitch.

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wow dude your dad lost his castle? and now you want revenge and to take back your birthright? youre so relatable bro. hey by the way what makes it your birthright.

:Trek: Picard season 2 


Picard enters.

Can you help me get a good Romulan—

I swear to god, if one more human
asks me for "Romulan Ale," I will
disruptor the bitch.

I'm sorry?

All our ales are Romulan. What the
fuck do you expect?

:Trek: Picard season 2 

Picard is confused.

This bottle looks g—

"Look at me! I evolved past
discrimination and market-based
economics but I still think that a
culture that spans star systems has
one kind of alcohol!"

I'm getting it for a friend, and—

(Still mocking)
Would you like a human beer? You
know—the beer that humans drink?

Wait, so you don't have Romulan

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30 more food boxes organised and delivered by the lovely folks in GRASS with Food4All and the Holloway mutual aid network to a network of people who need them.
Mutual aid forever!

This is (besides being old) for all scientists currently working their butts off while other individuals fart nonsense in microphones.

sexting tips for cis dudes, genitals 

Your dick might be interesting, but not as much as you think.

It'll probably kill the conversation pretty fast.

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sexting tips for cis dudes 

If you see someone looking for a profile you don't fit, leave them alone.

"I like [that kind of profile] too !" is the best way to break the ice with someone not interested in you, said nobody fucking ever.

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sexting tips for cis dudes 

Some people will be turned off (in several possible ways) by stuff you say and/or how you say it, even if it seems cool to you.

That's fine !

Move on !

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sexting tips for cis dudes 

Before objectifying me in any way, thinking that makes you some super duper cool open-minded dude, and that I'm gonna throw myself at your feet for it, remember two things :
- no
- there's 50 other guys exactly like you messaging me right now

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