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i think sometimes people confuse bullying for oppression

people being mean to you is not oppression. like it sucks and shouldn't happen, but it's not oppression.

just finished a chem final and my brain is dead

i am about to start world war 3

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@porsupah The mural that Brian Kenny and #Arttitude painted at "ground zero" of our #gayborhood came out beautifully. Since the news article showed the work in progress, I thought everyone might enjoy a few shots of the finished piece.

#LGBT #Trans #Transgender #Art #Mural #Stonewall50 #Stonewall #Pride

[neurotypical voice] have u considered mental CHillness instead

Nigerian artist and designer Nike Davies-Okundaye, Dances with joy, 2002 watercolour #womensart

Suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst created several watercolours depicting women workers in the cotton mills of Glasgow and the Staffordshire potteries in 1907 to highlight working women’s rights on pay and conditions #womensart

Huipil, traditional garment hand embroidered by women of San Mateo Ixtatan, a small Mayan town in the Guatemala highlands, who formed their own union to stop large fashion corporations stealing their designs #womensart

Artist Natalie Fletcher, body painter who uses her technical skills to create optical illusions on skin #womensart

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