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All of this cruelty, violence and death. All because white people don't want to let go of a fictional reality and a history that never existed.

It's funny when you think about it. Honestly, it's not funny, but that's why it's hilarious.

And entire culture dedicated to its own demise and upset with us because we don't want to go with them.

two birbs live inside you
one is gay, the other is goth
They will NOT stop honking

according to the nintendo switch store, this game is in the ‘training’ genre

training to seduce dads………


"Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they COULD, they never stopped to think if they SHOULD." - Jeff Goldblum

imagine if someone walked up to the Mona Lisa and started yelling for someone to explain who this lady is and all the details about the oils etc

and da Vinci is there and he’s like “please just look at the painting” and they yell back that he’s a bad painter

that's gamers

selfie, ec 

hey bro what if we just didnt use money anymore

sure thing bro sounds good

epic win

A girl that likes a planet vs. old people in weird uniform clothing
#lateStageCapitalism #fff

Here is a thread on how US "Democracy" is a scam controlled by the ruling class, using the exclusion of Mike Gravel from the Democratic Primary Debates as a case study.

My disabled paws are too sore from typing to re-write it all on here.

Podcast for Black Women, Mental Health, Image ec 

I have a welder and large quantity of metal dicks, take down the Confederate monuments

Or get ready for General Dildeauregard

@Bashabez5 "I was injured in a car crash and have been homeless for many years."
"You should try harder"

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