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Went to a concert tonight (selfie, no ec, boosts+) Show more

Damn I should've listened to The Bright Sessions sooner.

Just googled "biodiesel" and found this extremely good stock image

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block warning, account in question mentions sexual assault Show more

Found this small patch of crocus in a field today. 💚

toxic masculinity Show more

Alright I just lost him so I hope he's just run off to the carpet and I don't accidentally hurt him in the shower

Eventually all useful terms, when used frequently enough, become trite. Thus, I am abandoning words like "liberal," "reactionary," "solidarity," and "bourgeois" and embracing the concept of postlanguage, where I will communicate all my thinkpieces to you via empathic telekinesis.

Object permenance is fuckin bullshit, if you exist when I'm not looking, fuck you.

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