Urgent question for members of the Fediverse: Do you know of any resources for giving a presentation to small kids (1st and 2nd grade, to be precise) about issues? I was asked by a local international school to do just this, tomorrow! This group of has already been introduced to concepts of and different kinds of . I plan to read "What Riley Wore" to them, and maybe also "I Am Jazz!" and "Stella Brings the Family." appreciated! 💖

Thanks to all for the many boosts! I managed to give a decent talk, and subsequently @JeromeO offered some great resources, so the previous toot needs no more boosts!

@Rachel_Thorn for what it's worth, I have heard that the newly released movie, Lightyear (a prequel to Pixar's movie, Toy Story) features a lesbian couple that starts a family.

@rogbeer Now various headlines I’ve been glimpsing make sense. Neat!

@rogbeer @Rachel_Thorn You may want to reach out to some librarians. I don't know who all is on the Fediverse, though.

I wonder if @emmadavidson knows people who have that kind of material?

@Steveg58 ooh! Here’s something I prepared earlier :partyparrot:
Written to be useful to pre-teens as well as teens of all genders.

@emmadavidson @Rachel_Thorn
Probably a bit late for Rachel's needs but thanks for the response! Did you have a good holiday?
How did the presentation go Rachel?

@Steveg58 @emmadavidson Thank you, Emma and Steve. My audience was 6-8 year-olds, whereas those resources are for teens, but I bookmarked the page for future reference! The presentation went well, I think. The children seemed interested and engaged. At one point I showed a photo of myself as a baby, and at the end, when I asked the children if they had any questions, one raised their hand and asked, “Can you show us more baby pictures?” 😂

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