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Four years later I am trying Mastodon again. I don't want to witness first-hand that other social media site devolve into a cesspool of disinformation.


Plenty of folks who call themselves "pro-life" are going to be in for a shock when they discover there's no exception for "nice white Christian girls who just made one mistake" in their state's abortion ban.

Yikes! The woman who just sat down at the next table needs a lesson in the proper application of perfume. She’s a one-woman biohazard.

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Dipping fries in melted butter seems so decadent. I have never seen this anywhere else. (By the way, we’re in a yakitori chain restaurant named Torizoku.)

I sent an email to educational affairs and told them that if they don’t act immediately I will go to the prof myself and give him a piece of my mind.

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Also, this prof is treating my student like an unpaid teaching assistant, asking her to help put away HIS equipment! Also, he's inappropriately "friendly." The educational affairs office is about to get. an earful from me!

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Holy f*ck, I thought this prof's class was in the previous class period. Turns out it's the period BEFORE that. This prof is going more than 100 minutes overtime every time!?

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Oh wow. I had no idea that Boston has such a cool mayor. This is for once a refreshing interview with a politician:

Great news! I'll be talking about The First 100 Years of Lesbian-Themed Japanese Animation and Comics at @FlameCon in August in NYC!

What kind of an asshole prof doesn't finish class when they're supposed to and forces students to be late for their next class? I struggle to grasp the level of solipsism required.

I thought things had changed when my very religious sister wished me a happy Mother’s Day, but she can’t seem to bring herself to “like” my IG post about giving a talk to 1st and 2nd graders about gender identity and diverse family types. One step forward, two steps back. 😔

I’m too dismayed by the news about FINA banning transgender women from elite swimming competitions to write a meaningful toot about it, but was I the only one who saw the requirement that a trans woman must have “completed transition by age 12” and thought, in what universe is this taking place? What does that even mean? Is there a single girl on the planet who has had HRT and top and bottom surgery by the age of 12? If there was, transphobes would have made her their poster girl by now.

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Photos from my visit to AIC Wold College Kyoto Elementary School on Friday. Many of the kids have only a rudimentary grasp of English, and other know very little Japanese, so I had to do the entire thing bilingually, which is pretty tricky! The kids were wonderful, and had no trouble understanding concepts like nonbinary and same-sex-parent families.

Thousands of books in the cafe and I happened to pick that one. It’s a book about traditional Kyoto-style houses. Our own house used to look that way a century ago, but it’s been renovated beyond recognition numerous times over the years. Here are the few remaining visible original bits.

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I am finding these photos in a book that I am reading in a cafe, and I turn another page and find a page in the book that is literally about this cafe. I am now sitting about where the person in the red blouse is sitting.

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This sort of staircase, doubling as storage space, is, I think, globally famous. These steps are movable, and apparently they came into use in an age when two-story homes were forbidden, so that owners could argue they weren’t stairs at all, but just a chest of drawers. I’ve never seen these in any actual home that I’ve ever been in, at least that I can recall.

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The first time I ever saw a staircase like this—literally hidden in a closet, I thought it must be some freakish thing that happened over a century of renovations. Turns out it was designed that way from the start, and this design used to be pretty standard in 19th century and early 20th century Japanese homes, at least in the Kansai region. I lived in such a house ages ago, and it was scary to go down these narrow, steep steps in almost pitch darkness.

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