i hate that rampant fatphobia has robbed me of my love of movement and dancing. i was ridiculed so hard for being a fat person playing sports and dancing freely that now i'm self conscious about dancing alone in my own bedroom and it feels so bad wtf

being fat, self care 

its a long process to unlearning internalized fatphobia and self hate but my first step to overcoming it was to curate my social media to only show me fat bodies and its SO refreshing holy shit

i hadnt even realized it was working for me to show myself only average and fat bodies that i am legitimately shocked and a little horrified seeing thin people being glamorized. and honestly i kinda love it.

10/10 to recommend to other fat folk to do the same and normalize big bodies being nature and happy.

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being fat, self care 

@popstar This was one of the things I did way back in my early Tumblr days, & it made a such a difference. Just normalising fat bodies & internalising that was so powerful. Discovering Substantia Jones & the The Adipositivity Project was revelatory too.

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